Super 8 Big Cabin Vinita
30954 S Highway 69
Vinita, OK 74301-7213

Found 3 reports:

December 19,2015
Room was not clean looking at all! White powdery substance all along the baseboards.
Checked mattress, top was ok. Pulled back bed skit, found what looked like a dead bed bug and mouse droppings.
100% refund
Won't go back!!!

We checked in to room 114 and upon noticing some dead bugs on the floor lifted up the mattress to find several bed bug stage five larva we're going around in between the sheets we quickly grabbed our things, went to the front they immediately issued a refund.
6/29/15 3 A.M.

Woke up at 2:30 a.m. on July 12, 2014 with bug bites all over my body. Moved the blanket and sheets and it was covered with bedbugs. I immediately went to the front desk and reported it. The hotel clerk came to the room with me and I showed her the bugs. She gave me a full refund. Room 118

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