Super 8 Tulsa Ok
12416 E 51st St
Tulsa, OK 74146-6213

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Stayed here in July 2006. It was close to my testing site-i was taking NCLEX-RN. After studying late i went to bed exhausted. Woke up at 3am and itched some. Went to the bathroom and saw a few spots. Checked the bed and there were blood smears and found a small bedbug. Since my RN license test was at 9am i went back to sleep in the recliner. It was across the room and away from the bed. In the am at checkout i informed the clerk they would be hearing from me about the problem. He still ch

arged me for the room. I went and took my test-i was pretty miserable. I then went to see my frien-a RN at a local hospital-she knew immediately it was bedbug bites. I only had a small suitcase because it was just an overnight stay. Fortunately i left it on the bathroom counter. My friend gaveme a sample bottle Elimite cream which i used right away. It was 102 degrees and i left the suitcase in the car trunk, which i was later told was a smart thing because the extreme heat and length of time would've killed any "hitch-hikers". The next few days the bites became more obvious. Sent a registered letter to the manager and got a phone call and emails from the owner. He graciously paid my medical bills, refunded my money and offerred to pay for any future bills. Several people told me i should sue but i was so happy i passed my RN boards that i didn't. I did however report them to the Tulsa county/Ok Dept of Health. I know they investigated and the hotel had to take extreme measures to clean up the problem because i was a former health dept employee. Just remember, wherever you stay: take a small flashlight, set you luggage on the bathroom counter or don't even take into the room until you checked the mattress, box springs, night table and behind the headboards ( most are easily removed from the wall). From what i have learned heat treatment is the most plausible way to rid your home of infestation. So be careful out there.

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