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On May 20, 2014, I checked in for a two-night stay. The first night, I got some bites on my legs and face. I wish I had changed rooms after that first night, but I foolishly did not. The second night I could not fall into a deep sleep and I kept feeling what seemed like new bites. I whipped on the lights twice and looked at the bed. The second time, I saw a bedbug. It was tinier than I expected, not much bigger than a seed tick, and was running away as fast as it could. I grabbed it in ord

er to show the hotel staff, but it burst like a mosquito between my finger tips and a tiny drop of blood (mine) spilled out. I called the front desk around 12:30 a.m., told them I was getting bitten and asked to change rooms. They allowed me to do so and apologized.
Overall I got 10 bites on hands, face, neck and legs. I am highly allergic to these bites and each bite becomes large and red,and my skin bubbles like it would with a second degree burn.

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