La Quinta Inn & Suites
3003 W Memorial Rd
Oklahoma City, OK 73134

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April 30th. My wife and I were staying at this hotel and found it to be really nice. Well around 11 p.m my wife came out of a shower and noticed something on the bed found out it was a bed bug. Luckily we had baggies with us for dog food and snatched it in the bag. Brought it to the front desk and I received and ok? What would you like me to do? I can move you rooms or you can move hotels. After speaking to her manager who I called I got the same response. I finally got my wife and two young dau

ghters to move to the new room where I proceeded to bag all of our items. It is now 4 a.m and I am washing all of our clothes. Thankfully they paid for the clothes to be washed but the initial "what do you want me to do go in there and kill them all?" Response I got is not appreciated.

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