Howard Johnson Inn Oklahoma City
1400 Sw 63rd St
Oklahoma City, OK 73159-2128

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I was checked into rm 105 on Monday afternoon for a weeks long stay on Friday I realized what was eating me by lifting the bedskirt and examining the box spring...... I was shocked when I actually saw live bed bugs crawling around under the box spring and behind the headboard.... Upon reporting this to the management I was given no resolution only asked if I wanted to change rooms...... No refund was given and I had to pay to launder all of my personal effects....when I discovered what was going

on I told another guest what I was dealing with so she could protect her 3 small children...... She tells me that they were in the room I was in Rt before me and they experienced the bites as well and were moved to room 109..... I mentioned this to the manager and she stated "yes we have bed bugs in several rooms"..... I was disgusted and shocked

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