Quality Inn Lawton
3110 Nw Cache Rd
Lawton, OK 73505-3828

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I was in room 241 and I stay 3 nights, I was covered in whelps on my face, arm, and back. This hotel was very dirty. Stay very far away! I am also filing a complaint with the better business bureau. This happened on September 28, 2014

Visiting Lawton, OK, on business I had booked this hotel through Expedia as part of my travel arrangements. This was the weekend of 7 - 9 March 2014. My visit seemed to be fine as I did not suspect any problem, mostly because of my ignorance with "Bed Bugs". After I returned home, a day after returning, I started to get little welts all over my body. By the 5th day after my return I was experiencing itching bites, very uncomfortable. Trying to understand what this was I researched ONLINE symptom

s of Bed Bugs and what reports have been made in the area of my travel. I discovered that this specific hotel had over 7 reports of bedbugs. It is an older refurbished hotel which I now believe has not eradicated the infestation, obviously. I am reporting this to Expedia as well to request this hotel be removed from their consideration for travelers.

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1/27/14 Had a bunch of rooms for a work function out of the rooms that we had 6-7 of them had bed bugs. Not a vey nice place.

my family drove for 14hours to here.I woke up the next Amanda felt something butting on me .thought it was Beatles .that night I went to sleep to wake up being bit and found 16bedbugs on my bed and my sons bed had em also .we saw them coming out from behind the headboards The hotel gm only gave us 1night back my clothes were not washed for me nor did they adknowdlege me hardly my daughter graduated from basic from ft sill I hope that no other army family stays here there cousttmer service as tow

ards taking care of their guest sucks .

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I went to this hotel for my Brother's Basic Training Graduation. My family was in rooms 128 and 130. My family and I were covered in bites a few days later. There was even MOLD all over the bathrooms. Staff were rude when these issues were brought to light, they said they wouldn't refund us and that it's sleeper beware. Never choosing them again!

We drove 27 hours across half the US only to find they did not hold our reservation. When they finally gave us a key card, it was to an occupied room (scared the heck out of the people in it too at 01:30 am). The next room they gave us had visible bed bugs on the bed...we didn't even have to search - there was one just hanging out by the pillow. I have a photo of it too. Nasty! So the third room they gave us also had bed bugs, so we got the heck out of there. WORST HOTEL EXPERIENCE OF OUR

LIVES! NEVER STAY HERE! And the Oklahoma Department of Health will be hearing about this facility.

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Stayed here the week of 11/19-11/24/2012, come home and all of the sudden we have bites all over us. We didnt look for or notice anything while at the hotel (RM 107) but have never had any type of problems like this before. Have not noticed any signs of them yet at home but currently deep cleaning EVERYTHING.

Stayed in room 126 with the lights on after a 3am wake up. Bed bugs are crawling all over the beds. Told the front desk and all they had to say was I am sorry.

Room 139 and room 140 of this dingy hotel are reporable. I contacted their local health department and let them know.
My daughter woke up with bites and a rash, the seams of the mattress were infected with brown droppings.
Shame on you all for not doing anything to prevent this DIRTY situation.

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