Super 8
2440 National Rd
Zanesville, OH 43701-9286

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October 13, 2012
Room 205

My husband, daughter and I were all bitten. Husband had an allergic reaction, saw a doctor who confirmed symptoms and bites were consistent with bed bugs.

I reported this to the hotel (we didn't not realize until after we had left what the bites were about -- only stayed one night). They took my phone number and indicated they would be back to me, but they have not done so. They woman at the front desk seemed a bit angry when I called with the report.

September 2011.

We found a single adult as we were packing after a two day stay on the second floor. We tried to capture it and it burst on the sheet, having recently fed apparently.

They told us they had a protocol for exterminating and cleaning the room.

No offer of compensation as we checked out, just a snide comment from the front desk clerk that 'it probably wasn't a bedbug'.

It was a bloody little appleseed that skittered across the sheets.

I had four very hard welts down o

ne forearm pop up the next day.
They took nearly two months to go down.

It was just a single bug and the really nice maintenance staff assured us it would be taken care of & I didn't see any additional reports, so we didn't submit at the time.

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We checked in then went to eat. Came back and laid on bed within 5 minutes there were bugs everywhere.

Bed bug infestation. My child and I were bit, laid down in bed and the bugs came out,there were so many they didn't even scatter when the lights were turned on.

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