Rodeway Inn
2055 E Lincoln Way
Wooster, OH 44691-3815

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Regarding the stay on 10/26/2012, not only did the hotel inspect the room thoroughly, a professional Pest Control company did an inspection and "was unable to find any evidence to leave us to believe bed bugs were ever present in the room". We deeply regret that the guest experienced any discomfort that they believe was as a result of their stay with us, hence the monetary compensation. While it is true that some years ago a problem occurred, it was very isolated and dealt with as thoroughly and

quickly as possible

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We had an overnight stay on April 27, 2013 at this Rodeway Inn. The next day, I had large itchy welts in six different places on my body. As these welts began to heal and the red swelling went down a bit, I could observe that each spot had two, or even three separate raised "bite" areas in them. I am pretty well convinced that these were bedbug bites.

I stayed at the Rodeway Inn on a Friday night in September 2012. I checked the mattress and didn't see anything. I left my bag and clothes in the bathtub to be safe. I went home on Saturday and on Saturday night my hands started to itch. Bumps appeared on my arms and a few on my body on Sunday. Monday morning I figured out what they were. I called the hotel and they admitted they had bedbugs once in a while but never "on the second floor" where my room was. They credited me the cost of the room

and said they inspected it but did not find any. I am absolutely certain they were bedbug bites although I did not see an actual bug.

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