Fairbridge Hotel Cleveland East
28600 Ridgehills Drive
Wickliffe, OH 44092

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This place is infested with bed bugs and cockroaches. I was in the bed for about 30 minutes and realized I was scratching. I pulled back the covers and I had red welts all up my legs. I got up and went to the front desk and showed them my legs and told them I was leaving and wanted a refund. The front desk clerks were nice and sympathetic (and NOT surprised!)but said that due to managements policy, they were unable to give me a discount. I was not allowed to have the managers name or phone numbe

r nor the owners. They offered to switch me to a different room, but why would I want to stay in a hotel that has bed bugs??? I left and tried to contact a manager or owner for weeks, but only got the run around and still couldn't even get the name of the manager/owner.

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We stayed at this hotel on Friday night, September 18, 2015. We were in room 365. I received over 40 bed bug bites that night, and many look like they are on their way to infection. I am suffering greatly from the bites, both burning and itching.

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