Super 8 St Clairsville OH
68400 Matthews Dr
St Clairsville, OH 43950-1733

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Worst motel I've ever stayed in. Room 108. Every inch of both legs covered with bites.

My wife, 1 yr old son and myself stayed in rm 108 on Mar 31, 2012. We were and are all bit massively by bed bugs. I have over 30 bites. Called to complain but did not get refund. I will be sending a report. Do NOT stay at this hotel. Thank you to previous poster for the fire marshall number. I hope we did not bring them home!

4-6-2012 Husband stayed in room 108 for three nights, helpers stayed in 114, all were bit, bedbugs found in both rooms, mgr tried to move them to 116 which was completely infested. CALL OHIO STATE FIRE MARSHALL OFFICE code enforcement 614-752-8200 while you are there - if bedbugs are found they will be fined. This is PURE NEGLIGENCE because they are not willing to exterminate the entire premesis at once to get rid of them! Fire Marshall office receives complaints frequently for this establishmen

t, but when people complain in the office, typically the bedbugs have been vacuumed away. LIST YOUR NAMES AND CONTACT CITIES so that there is a way reach you and to document their negligence!

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The hotel was disgusting first of all. Sheets and towels had holes in them. Minutes after checking in and eating our pizza, we notices a bed bug crawling. Upon investigation found an infestation. We took the problem to the front desk who gave us an arousal spray and said this is what we use. Still trying to get our money back.

I have 20-30 welts on my face, right arm and right leg that developed 24 hours after sleeping in the left side-bed in Room 205.

Stayed at this hotel on 12/2/2011 with approximately 35 other people, and most of the rooms had bed bugs. The hotel was also dirty and very dated. Sheets were thin and clean ones were not available. One guest had dirty sheets and when she requested new ones, the manager stated that it would take 2 hours to wash those and return them to her. They did not have extra linens. Never again!! Nothing super about this Super 8.

My father and I stayed for about an 2 hours on 12/3/11 and went to go to bed. After we turned off the lights my dad noticed something was crawling on him. Turned on the lights and there was about a dozen in his bed. We left right then. Now the hotel is not trying to refund my stay.

stayed here w/ 5 additional coworkers. of the 6 total rooms, five were found to have bed bugs. Rms 112,111,110,208 and 202. The entire hotel is likely infested, much of which is the fault of the GM, Mr. Patel, who denies the problem and is generally an rude. Definitely a place to avoid, from judging other reviews this seems to be a reoccurring problem.

Major bedbug problems at this hotel. If you complain, the Manager threatens you. It is the only hotel in the area with vacancies and now I know why!

I stayed at this hotel for one night on July 16, 2011. The next day my arms, lower legs and feet were covered with itchy red spots. I checked and re-checked my house several times and so far have no evidence of any bedbugs at home; I can only conclude I was bitten at this Super 8 in St. Clairsville. The bites are healing and I have not noticed any additional bites since returning home. Others have also reported being bitten at this same hotel.

Stayed at the Super 8 St. Clairsville, OH one night on May 19, 2011. The next day as we continued on our trip I began to break out with bites at several places on my body, around twenty bites total. Our trip to visit our son has been quite uncomfortable for me with my bites as I've had quite an allergic reaction. The bites itch terribly and make it difficult to sleep. The worst part is that they continue to blister up and yellow fluid is constantly running out of them. This encounter has me

questioning staying at another Super 8 and it has made for a most unpleasant trip for me.

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Stayed on 2-12
Got about 30 bites on my back. Not sure but probably took them home with me

Our family stayed at this hotel August 11. In the morning we were all covered in bites. My husband probably had 50 bites, and my daughters and I probably had 30 each.

We had no prior experience with bed bugs, so we couldn't figure out what was wrong. It took us a couple days to figure out the problem. By that time we had infested our house.

My bites are still visible more than two weeks after the incident. I went to the doctor to make sure none had gotten infected.

Me more tha

n the others in my family continued to be bitten nightly after we got home.

We just had our house sprayed at great expense.

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