Super 8
2 W Leffel Ln
Springfield, OH 45506-3520

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The horror! I awoke at 5:30 AM on 7/11/2012 to pain and itching. Upon turning on the light, I found hundreds of bedbugs feasting on my back, legs, and nether regions. Bloodstains were everywhere on the mattress indicating where the bugs had been at work. Dozens more were camped out on the pillows, blankets, and furniture in the room. I took a bathroom cup and easily scooped up 10 bedbugs of all sizes and went to the front desk for assistance. The night manager told me that the owner would

be in at 7 AM and that he could switch me to a new room if needed. Feeling terrified to sleep again (even in a different room), I took a bath, found some clean clothes in the car, and waited until the owner came in.

I approached the front desk at 7:15 AM and relayed my story to the owner. He told me that the hotel had never, ever had bedbugs in any room and that I must have brought them with me. I replied that I came from my parents' house after a 3-week vacation and that I was positive that not a single bedbug (let alone the hundreds in my room) had traveled with me. He told me that he would refund my money but would not provide assistance with decontaminating my clothes or travel luggage. I replied that this was not satisfactory as the bugs were already in his hotel room. He then asked to see where the bites were located and argued with me over whether or not my night's sleep had been disturbed by the attack.

I told the owner that I would call the Super 8 complaint line if he could not assist with the bedbug removal from my clothing. He responded by stating that he would "Call the police to have me thrown out of the hotel" if I called the complaint line from the lobby. I did not want to return to the room to make the call so I went to a local McDonalds to avoid further harassment.

After calling the complaint line, I called the local police to report the incident and seek a resolution. I was told that I could not be thrown out of a hotel for making a phone call in the lobby, so I went back to pack my items into trash bags and seek a receipt for the refund.

Upon receiving the refund, the owner began to taunt me regarding the phone call that he had just received from the Super 8 complaint resolution department. The owner told me that he sent someone in to fumigate my room but could find no bugs on my bags. He did not explain why the bugs could have come from my bags without still being on the bags. He then accused me of previously raising my voice in the lobby and claimed that he had "five witnesses" and "video recordings with audio" to support his argument. At that point, I called him a liar and walked out.

Do not stay here if you value your physical or mental health!!

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We stayed at this hotel 5/18/2012-5/19/2012. I was lying in the bed at the hotel and noticed a reddish brown bug on the pillow, my husband and I both jumped up and decided to put the bug in a cup. We immediately got our belongings and left the hotel room with the bug in the cup. My husband went to the front desk with cup to inform clerk who said he will let the manager know. We then called customer service and spoke with Beverly who said she will make a report and get back with us. When returnin

g home I realized that I had some sort of bites all over my arm. They were red, swollen, itchy and in clusters. It has been one week and we received no call from the hotel concerning this matter. I want people to know they seemed very uninterested in taking care of this matter. We seen first hand that this hotel does have BED BUGS! Do not go to this hotel!

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We stayed at this hotel 9/16-9/18/2010. My son and I both came home and realized that we have some sort of bites all over us. I don't know if they are flea bites, bed bugs, or what. To be fair, I don't know if they came from this hotel, the movies, the environment, or where. But, we both have bites all over us. I called the hotel just now and reported the room. They are going to have maintenance go check it out.

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