Super 8
11345 Chester Rd, Cincinnati, Oh, 45246
Springdale, OH

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I spent the night in here on 06/04/15 after a long trip from another state. I should have walked out when I got there but was too tired. I awoke the next morning with bites all over my ankles and my legs and my arms and even one on my stomach and my neck. I got up immediately and took a shower (which did not help) and we checked out. The guy at the counter said well uhhh I never heard of that. Didn't offer a refund or apologize or anything and just gave me a card to call the owner. I tried to ca

ll him. I ended up calling Corp. offices, but they sent an email saying I had to talk to the owner. I reached the owner after 5 days and he said he had to contact his insurance co. and would call me back in 30 minutes, and to this day he has never called me back, and when I try to call now they see my phone # and pick up the phone and hang it up. I had to go to the DR because it was so bad. I contacted the corp. office again and they said they would send me a refund, but I have to get the DR & Rx reimbursement from the owner of the hotel. I will never stay at one of these hotels again. I will also learn how to check any hotel for signs of bedbugs from now on.

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I spent the night November 6, 2010 and while sleep I felt something on my arm. I hit my cell phone so the light would come on and I saw a bedbug on my arm. I jumped up and took the bug and squeezed it and blood came out. I looked at my arm and I had a track of bumps on it. I got my belongings and went to the front desk and showed the man there and he said they did not have any bed bugs, but he offered to refund my money. I am concerned because he denied the fact they have bedbugs which mean

s they will do nothiing about it.

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