Rodeway Inn Cedar Point South Sandusky Hotel
2905 Milan Rd
Sandusky, OH

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October 23 Checked in and went to my room, 127. Checked for bed bugs did not find any. During the night I relaized how filthy the room was. Next morning took shower, in nasty bathroom. Could not flush toilet. Went to front desk, to complain and they moved me to room 112. I always check for bed bugs before I take any belonning into a room. Pulled back the covers and sheets and noticed the tel tale signs of the black spots on the edge of the matress. Keep pulling back sheets and more spots

, then suddenly TWPO adult bed bugs went running down the matress to the underside. That was all it took. I walked to the front deswk and immediantly told them there were bed bugs and I could not stay there. They said they would issue a refmnd. I booked the room through Orbitz. While I was leaving, I ran into some people getting ready to check in and warned theme about the bed bugs. This made the manager mad and hee threatened to call the police if I was not off the property in five minutes. I have still not been able to notify ORbitz for my refund. I am callijng ther Erie County health department on Monday. I can assure you they did nothing about the bed bugs, othere than make the bed back up. DO NOT STAY AT THIS TRASH DUMP of a hotel.

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My family stayed here for two nights on June 24th and 25th, 2011. The first night we did not have incident but had to move rooms. When we returned from Cedar Point I checked the bed and found several live bedbugs under the covers. I also found a lot of feces and shed exoskeletons. I collected several blood gorged bugs and showed them to the front desk. They said they never had them before. Not believing it. Stay clear!!!

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