Quality Inn and Suites Cedar Point
1935 Cleveland Rd
Sandusky, OH 44870-4308

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On 9/27/2014 we got into our room (205) and I checked the bed ( as I always do) and seen immediately that our room had a bed bug infestation. They were even on the pillows. I called the front desk and asked the man working if he would have someone come up to the room at look at what I had found so they could take care of them for future guest. I was told they didn't have anyone to come to our room. Just to come down and get a refund. Of course I wasn't having my family stay there. The man at the

front desk was very rude to us. He acted like it was not a big deal and said " it's not like it was a Halloween prank". Seriously?

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June 20, 2014 stayed in room 202 and my daughter dropped the pillow on the floor. When she picked up the pillow there was a bug crawling on it. I took the bug down to the desk clerk and he confirmed it was a bed bug. I slept in a different bed and the sheets were dirty upon arrival so we had them changed. I had approximately 50 bug bites appear 6 days after our stay. Two other family members also had bites appear after our stay.

There was a wedding party that reserved rooms for July 4, 2013 and when we checked in, I received two room keys. Left for the reception, and returned after the reception to learn that we didn't have a room, and that there was no record of our reservation. The clerk, BILL, was rude and basically treated my daughter and son-in-law as if they were lying about the reservation. The only thing he could do was help book a room at another location, and with a 10% discount. Yet, I have the two room k

eys, and I provided my bankcard information to them. Strange how your room was given up to someone else, and they lost all of your information. Bill was something else too, when questioned, he walked away, telling us that he had already talked to my son-in-law and didn't want to talk to us. Great customer service. The night supervisor said that Bill handled the situation so she couldn't do anything about it. WOW!!! A whole wedding party booked these rooms months ago, and this is how you treat them....

A nice couple that had booked a room - that attended the wedding gave up their room for us. The room was okay, but I heard from the bride's aunt and uncle that their room had dirty sheets, with hair etc. They complained, got a discount and then found something else wrong in their room - mattresses were sunk in, and they asked for their money back and left. I don't blame them!

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Checked in on Saturday and Checked out Sunday morning because I had about 15 itchy welts on my backside and leg. Found and recorded a crawling bedbug in the seam of the mattress. I was ALSO in room 228, so they are obviously aware of the problem and still letting people stay in the room. HOW HORRIBLE!!! I'm considering calling a lawyer!

I stayed in room 116 at this Quality Inn on Saturday, December 29, 2012. I woke up Sunday morning itching badly. I could tell I had been bitten by something, on both arms. After the following night, I had itched the bites so badly, I had broken the skin in my sleep from itching. Four days later, on Jan. 3rd, my right arm is looking better but my left wrist is still very red and looking disfigured. I'm hoping I didn't get an infection, because I also came down with what appears to be a terrible c

old (weakness, fatigue & head congestion) on Jan. 2. Today on Jan 3rd, I still am weak, congested, eyes are red and watery and my throat is killing me. I'm not claiming that is involved, just logging all my symtoms. I've tried putting off going to the doctor unless I felt it was truly urgent and I couldn't control the situation. It is a new year, with a new deductible.

I didn't make a report with the hotel because after reading the previous reports, it doesn't appear they really care to admit a problem. I did however, make the report to alert travelers!!!!

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On September 1, 2012, we found (and photographed) a bed bug in room 228 at the Quality Inn and Suites, located at 1935 Cleveland, Sandusky, OH.  The front desk seemed unconcerned and flatly told us that have never had a bed bug complaint.  We have since left a voice mail for Mike Sortino, the hotel's general manager and filed a formal complaint with Choice Hotels, the franchise's parent company.  Choice Hotels told us that they have on record several complaints of bed bugs at this hotel.  Se

veral on-line travel rating sites and bed bug registeries have reports of bed bugs at this hotel also.   Additionally, the room adjacent to ours (227) was torn apart (beds lifted, bedding in bags, window open, etc.), which appears to be being cleaned for bed bugs.  

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Checked into room 228 on July 31, checked out August 1, went to Cedar Point. The following day, August 2, noticed a few concerning bites on my hand.. by August 3, had several welts. Researching it, realized I had been exposed to bedbugs.. the hallmark sign being 3 in a cluster. They are continuing to spread and double as of today, August 4. I called the hotel, who informed me that they haven't had any complaints, and that everyone would be complaining if that were the case. I informed them th

at I haven't stayed anywhere else, and trip advisor guest reviews say there are in fact bedbugs, and that it's a shame they are not making guests aware of the fact that they do have bedbugs (always about money!!!). I am awaiting a callback from a manager. Wish I had known about this site beforehand.. this is awful!!!

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Checked in on June 3rd after visiting Cedar Point hoping to find a clean bug free room. Three other girls and I checked the headboards, tables, sheets and upon pulling back the sheet and spraying lyseol we discovered one on the mattress. Notified the manager and immediately checked out. Should have taken warning to the yelp review as of May 26, 2012 that stated the hotel had a bed bug problem.

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