Fairfield Inn Sts Colmbs Ea
2826 Taylor Road Ext
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

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I have stayed at this location twice in the last 2 weeks and after my last stay on 2/11/14 I had developed welps on stomach and chest area after inspecting when I had started itching. I did online investigating to find that it could be bed bug bites. I contacted the hotel and the person said he would have a manager call me back. I did not receive a call back so I called the next day and spoke with the manager and she stated that they checked the room thoroughly and was trying to say that it c

ould have been something else. I have not had these before and this is the only place that I have stayed and then these develop. I am definitely going to call them back again and demand a refund for all of the anxiety that this has caused and the agony of these bites/rash.

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Although I love this hotel, the location, the places to eat and shop are close-i stayed there about 3 weeks ago and i am sorry to report when i went to the dr he said it was bed bugs. Although they take 7 days to show on your skin-this is the only hotel i have stayed at during that time frame. Hopefully they can get the situation taken care of. The bad thing is I called to talk to their staff about it and their GM blew me off and said he would report it to housekeeping but they do not have a


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I have worked there. When I left they had 2 rooms out of order with bed bugs. I recently called a friend there and they are still having problems. I will never stay there-for other reasons as well.

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