Quality Inn Perrysburg
27441 Helen Dr
Perrysburg, OH

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First it was ants in and around the coffee maker, which I placed in the hallway. When I woke up the next morning, I found a dead bed bug in my bed. A little while later I found one crawling on the bed. I immediately killed it and brought it and the other dead one to the front desk. The desk clerk looked horrified and apologized profusely. I had not personally paid for the room (it had been paid for using a colleague's frequent flyer points). I checked out immediately. I am still on the road and

I hope to God I don't have any bugs in my luggage. I plan to wash and dry all my clothing in high heat when I get home.

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I woke up to find a bed bug on my pillow. Killed the bug and brought it to the front desk. Checked out immediately. I was told by the manager that the exterminator came the next day. While the hotel did not reimburse me, the corperate office did for the cost of my stay. I was told that the room had been previously treated for bed bugs. I found no bites, and no bugs in any of my belongings but did wash everything in high heat.

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