Super 8 Motel
1390 Arrowhead Dr
Maumee, OH 43537-1728

Found 2 reports:

On Feb 27, 2021, my family stayed in room 136 of this hotel. We have experienced bed bugs before so we know the discomfort they can cause: itching and red bumps. My wife experienced both that Sat night. We checked the bed the next morning and found a blood spot, which seemed to be quite fresh. We are confident my wife was bit by a bed bug and are now treating all our clothes and other articles so we don't take any bugs into our house.


Found 5 bed bugs in room 133. Our party is staying in three different rooms, all on the same floor. My colleagues took a picture of one of the bugs and moved to room 127. They saw one more bed bug in that room, but believe they tracked it from the previous room. No other sitings yet.

No nearby bug reports