Fairfield Inn Marion
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Marion, OH 43302-5817
One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

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This is totally inaccurate. I had to have these ladies (local residents) with whom the police are well acquainted removed from our hotel for trying to induce panic among our guests. They were here in the hotel for about a week and began complaining of bugs two days before they were removed. I had the ECOLAB exterminator, WHO IS NOT JUST A FOOD INSPECTOR but licensed pest control agent, come in and inspect the room and they found nothing and wrote a report to that effect. I would be happy to send

the report to you folks. Also, other information in their report is inacurate. This is an injustice and slander to our hotel and we want it removed immediately. I will get you a copy of the police report and exterminator's report if you so desire. Also,they completely trashed our hotel room and are not welcome back at this property.

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We were staying in room 302 and woke up each morning for 2 days with bites. We told the front desk clerk who informed the manager and the manager brought in a company that specializes in food service inspections to inspect our room. By the 4th night/5th morning, our room was so infested that the bugs weren't even hiding from us. They were all over the floor, on the lamp shades, all over the bathroom, the vanity area, etc. Our 3 kids had numerous bites on them but luckily the 2 of us were the on

es who were bit the most. We called the front desk and she said she called the manager who didn't answer the phone. 3 hrs. later, the manager showed up with 2 officers and gave us 5 minutes to vacate the premises (which we were more than happy to do) however the bugs had infested our car by this point. Even at that time of the morning the bugs were still everywhere. Had management listened to us on day 2 this would never have happened. The problem was so bad the manager refused to enter our room!!! Please do not stay at this hotel unless you wish to deal with this problem and possibly take these nasty critters with you.

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