Super 8 Motel Kent/Akron Area
4380 Edson Rd
Kent, OH 44240-6939

Found 3 reports:

204 - Saw a bed bug on the bed the next morning, but had no bites... AT THAT TIME. 8 hours later, I was covered in bites all over my shoulders and arms.

They moved me to another room since it was midnight when we returned to the hotel. Got a refund and got a refund for the cleaning of my clothing & belongings.

Room 206. Bed bugs infested all over the bed! Informed owners and had to show them the bugs. They informed us the room was JUST TREATED and asked if we wanted to move to another room...ABSOLUTELY NOT!! Requested refund and was given a refund without any issues.

Room 205 Saw a bedbug crawling up the bathroom door and immediately checked under/around the mattress corners etc. Saw 4-5 bugs just in one spot. Called down to the office and they put use in a different room, room 308. No sorry or nothing, no questions asked. Id say they knew they had a bug problem..!

No nearby bug reports