Quality Inn Findlay
1020 Interstate Ct
Findlay, OH 45840-1900

Found 4 reports:

3/21/14 woke up to my daughter crying there was a bug in her bed. not only was there a bug in her bed but several bed bugs.... they were in my bed too. Room 303

After the sun went down the bugs came out. All over both beds. I fled. Hopefully none of them came along with me.


I also stayed here on 05/21/12 and I have two bites on each arm. Bumps didnt show up until Thursday. I am praying I didnt bring them home with me.

I stayed there last week. I now have itchy bumps on my hands, face and waist. They are in a row of two bites and are raised and itch. I looked at the mattress when I got into the room but I didnt see any signs. I think these are bedbugs bites.

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