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As part of our routine and extensive efforts to prevent any pest intrusion, the room in question was thoroughly inspected for bugs prior to it being sold to these guests. No pests were found, or the room would have been taken out of service and treated according to our established protocol.

When the guest raised concerns about silverfish and/or bedbugs, we immediately contacted Orkin, our national pest control provider. The Orkin technician was on-site the next day to inspect/treat the roo


Orkin found no evidence of pests.

As made clear by the very existence of this website, bed bugs are an ever increasing problem. InTown Suites is proactive in preventing these pests and eradicating them when found. In this case, there is simply no evidence of any actual problem.

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I stayed at this location the last week of May 2011. I would like to report that after being there for two nights, we encountered silverfish. If you do not know what these are, do not feel lost. I was the same way. The are long and move fast along the walls and while I was sitting on the bed talking to my husband, one ran across the bedspread. We hollered and decided to check our bed along with our daughters. Our bed was free of any but when we went to check my daughters, she removed the mat

tress which was super heavy. As we put it up against the wall, we spotted 2 dead bedbugs on top of the boxspring. As we checked closer, there was 2 live ones up in the corner. We freaked out and my husband killed one but I told him to not smash the other one. I called for front desk after hours help. Take it this was 12 midnight. The older guy who answered the phone freaked out and said he did not know what to do so he would call the Manager and get back with us. He came up in about 10 minutes and knocked on the door. He came in, we told him what happened and showed him bedbug. He said damn! and that the Manager told him to let us know she could not move us until the morning. Well, the next morning at 11:00, we went to the office to see her. She was very unprofessional and told us the silverfish were normal in a sense but she would have to call higher management to see about the bedbug policy. Well, to make this short, she called in orkin after 1 pm, they came and said they did not see any and since orkin did not see anything, we could not move to another room nor be reimbursed anything. She decided to give us BEDBUG101 before we left the place, checking out a day early!(A sidenote is that we heard her on the phone yelling at someone saying, "I'm not going to do that because that is not our policy!" Imagine that. I also would like to say that I contacted corporate which is a dead number straight into voicemail, left numerous messages and they have never called back. Today is June 14 by the way. We checked in the last week of May 2011 Needless to say, we drove across the parking to Value Place, which cost less but I kid you not, the place is wonderful! Professional, quiet, no silverfish and NO BEDBUGS!

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