Comfort Inn Elyria
739 Leona St
Elyria, OH

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I travel for my job and stayed at this hotel, now called the Quality Inn, 739 Leona St., Elyria, OH, on April 26, 2012. I stayed in room 116. I always check my rooms and look for bedbugs. I didn't see any signs when I did this. The next morning I woke to itching and many bites on different areas of my body. I searched the bed again and found 2 bed bugs. I took photos of them with the channel guide from the hotel in the picture so it has the hotel address on it. I took the bugs down to the f

ront desk. Their response was to give me a 20 percent discount. She did not seem surprised at all. I am running into this more and more in the Cleveland area. I am afraid to stay there anymore.

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I have written about myself being eaten alive during our three day stay here Aug. 29- Sept.1 (by the way it is now called Quality Inn). Two days after returning home my husband and daughter broke out with bites. They both had them so severely especially on their feet and couldn't wear shoes for two days! The bites were terrible, they start with red spots and then blister (on me), then turn into huge welts that hurt and itch.

I called the hotel and spoke with the assistant manager. I am appa

lled that she does not believe we were bitten with bedbugs. I have a feeling they just want to cover this up.

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My family stayed in this hotel August 29th- Sept.1st, 2011
I woke up each morning with red bites, first on my lower back and buttocks...lots of them... (I thought they were mosquito bites) the next two mornings I woke up with more all over my shoulders and arms. They itched and developed into blisters.
No one else in my family got them! By the time we left the hotel I realized I must have been eaten alive with bedbugs. The next two days the bumps continued to appear covering my neck and unde

r my chin and along the top of my legs. Tonight, the second night home I think they have stopped coming out. I must have been allergic to the toxin. I feel so disgusting and anything that rubs the blisters is painful and itchy.

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