Crowne Plaza Hotel Dayton
33 E 5th St
Dayton, OH

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On the first night of stay I went to get in the bed and saw a small reddish brown bug run across the sheets. Called the front desk and they sent up maintenance. The maintenance man confirmed it was a bed bug and told us to pack up everything because we had to be moved. He left and told us someone would be calling. Waited almost 30 minutes and did not hear from anyone. Called the front desk and spoke to a gentleman. Was informed that we did not have bed bugs because he compared the bug

to a picture and the maintenance man was coming back to tell us. He could not tell us what kind of bug it was when asked. Offered to have the maintenance man change the sheets on our bed when we complained about the bug being on the linen. Requested to speak to a manager and he claimed to be the manager on duty. Requested to be moved to another room and he stated there were people ahead of us and he didn't know when he could do it and hung up the phone.

Went to the front desk to speak to someone due to no return call. Spoke to the manager on duty who was not the gentleman who answered the phone. Hotel moved us to another room around 3 am and did not charge us for one night. Maintenance person helped move our belongings and told us that the bug he found was a bed bug and there had been a number of cases that week and the hotel was trying to cover it up.

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We arrived at the Crown Plaza on Wednesday, September 24th, 2014. After going to bed I saw a small little bug crawling between the pillows. My husband thought it was a nat but I was worried because it look brownish red. We searched the mattress, under the sheets, and found nothing wrong. I did tell the maid about it the next morning and she said they had no problem. She changed the sheets and said all was okay. We continued to stay until Saturday morning on the 27th. Then after showering

and dressing I noticed a much larger bug on the pillow. We called the manager and he sent the maintenance man up and he confirmed it was a bed bug. They wanted to put us in another room but we did not want to stay there. We packed and left immediately. We have had to wash all of our clothes, have some dry cleaned, and our luggage is still outside. It has taken us hours and I still don't feel safe.

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as an employee of this hotel i swear to god they have a terrible, long running bed bug problem and a half ass approach to treating a reported room

remember, where there's smoke there's fire

September 21, 2012

My Daughter and I stayed at this location, the night before the Dayton Heart Walk for the AHA. My 6 year old screamed mommy a flea while I was in the shower. As I arrived bedside, I discovered a bed bug. I placed it in a glass cup, and called down to the front. They then sent up maintenance to confirm. He did just that. I requested a refund, they said there were no other reports but did give me my money back and my daughter and I left right away. The staff acted like it was

no big deal at all. Other than the maintenance man who stated he would be quarantining the room.

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Just heard in the Dayton news (and from a flight attendant friend who stays at this hotel) that there is a HUGE bedbed outbreak once again at The Crowne Plaza. Supposedly it was on the 4th floor but that doesn't mean anything where bedbugs are concerned! It's unfortunate because the Crowne Plaza was the last decent hotel in the Downtown Dayton location. It's where I would stay when visiting Dayton. However, I think it's time to give up those visits and head South near The Dayton Mall or back

to The Marriott over by The University of Dayton.

BEWARE of this location!!!

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I am a manager at the Crowne Plaza in Dayton, Ohio. I am currently in the process of disputing these reviews with reports from our hotel follow up inspection. While we are terribly sorry that these guests feel that there was an issue in their room while they were with us we have to state that when rooms were inspected it was found that there was no evidence of bed bugs in either instance. We did take the necessary measures when our guests filed the complaint. We called the inspectors to come

to property so we could take care of the situation. However, both times an inspector came to property, and both times they came back and provided us with a report stating that there was no evidence of bed bug activity in the room. Our staff has been trained on bed bugs, so with both our team and a professional service stating that these do not exist, I can say that our hotel is bed bug free.
I hope that I have provided you with information that will help you when looking at hotels in the Dayton area. However, if I can provide you with any other information please contact me directly at [email protected]

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Didn't have bed bugs before staying at this hotel. Just found one lurking on my coach along with an old skin just 2 days after visiting. Putting the connections together, I'm going to say that this hotel has bed bugs.


WE WOKE UP with bites all over us. GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!

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