Quality Inn
70 Rothrock Rd
Copley, OH 44321-3171

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Stayed there on 6/13/12 room 306. This was last minute and other hotels were booked. I was not impressed with the housekeeping & said so on their feedback website. This particular Baymont was an older facility and was not up to standards I've seen at other Baymonts. Apparently bed bugs got into my luggage there & I took them home where they went into hiding & later came out to feed on me. Bites on inside of my arms & upper legs. Home extermination costs $1300. Had I known it was previously a Qu

ality Inn I would not have even stayed there.

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I know what bed bug bites are because about 2 years ago we had them in our house. I stayed one night here and there was a welt about 8 hours after leaving - same marks. I am certain it was bed bugs.

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