Super 8
1078 E Dublin Granville Rd
Columbus, OH 43229-2503

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I stayed at this Super 8 between May 17 and May 20,2013 with family and friends. On May 19th my daughter notice a brown bug crawling across her bed. I thought she was just being silly as she is terrified of bugs. We pulled the sheets back and saw nothing. The next morning she complained of bite marks on her arms...we counted 14. Then I found them on both my hands and feet. It didn't dawn on me that we were bit by bedbugs at that time. We left and some 8 hours later, it hit me that we were

victims of bed bugs. I am only thankful that we our luggage went straight to the basement after we arrived home. I will never stay at another Super 8 and when I travel I will use this website to check for bedbugs. Whoever thought of this...Thank you so much.

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I was staying over for just one night, on September 22nd, 2012; went to bed and woke up at around 2am feeling itchy. When I went to the bathroom and turned on the light, I found my upper body covered in about 2 dozen bites and one of my eyes half swollen shut. Returning to the bed, I flipped over the pillow and found two very small bedbugs still trying to get away; squished them! I then went to the lobby and told them there were bugs--they gave me a different room (which hadn't been cleaned f

rom the last guest, so they gave me a *different* room) and asked if it seemed to me that the bugs were all in the pillows. I told them I didn't know, but I'm concerned that this means they both have a regular pillow bug problem and also will only address it by tossing the pillows. I sent a feedback form to Super 8 letting them know and haven't yet heard back. I've been a Super 8 patron many times, but I think I'm done forever. The itching still hasn't stopped, although after about 24 hours, the swelling on my eyelid went down enough to see the actual bite there.

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We took our daughter and a friend to a Prom in columbus. The room looked very clean and was a perfect size to get the girls ready for a dance, we weren't tripping on each other or in front of the tv while dad so patiently waited.
But when our guest woke up the next morning and sat up we saw a dead bedbug. We reported this to management and they acted like it was no big deal. Never stay at this place again.

Three-night stay from May 6 to 9. I checked out on Sunday because I woke up staring at a bedbug walking across the pillow at me with that "Hello, Breakfast!" stare. True, it was only one. But I bet he has friends....

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