Rodeway Inn North Columbus
6125 Zumstein Dr
Columbus, OH 43229-2505

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We stayed at Rodeway Inn N Columbus, 6125 Zumstein Dr, Columbus, OH on 11/15/13 Arrived at 5pm to register, the smell of smoke was strong. We asked for non-somking room. We placed our luggages in the room. The room was cold, no heat, so we turned on the heat and went out for dinner. After two hours, the room was still cold. We asked to swift to another room. Our daughter and I kept on smelling the smoke all night in the room. The next day, 11/16/13, we left around 6:30 am. My right thu

mb was itching. I started to have little rashes. By noon, on the way back home, my thumb and right hand began to swell. Coming home around 9 p.m., My right hand started to develop many small rashes, then, my neck and little on my left hand. Sunday, I rushed to Emergency, and was given medicine to stop the swell and the itch. Today, 11/22/13 Friday, More rashes surface and very itch. I went to see my doctor and was given rash medicine to stop the itch. Today, my husband 's rashes getting worse on his body:arms, neck, face and hands. Our daughter have a little itch and small tiny rashes. i pray that she will not have the rashes like we do. The hotel should be inspected and cleaned. If not, they should be put out of business. This is hazard to humans' health. We have been traveling and staying in many hotels. This is the first of the kind
we get. It is horrible. Please let this be known to everyone.

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I stayed at the hotel 3/1/13 to 3/3/13. I didn't notice the bugs the first night, but woke up with them between me and the bed the second morning. I killed one, and took a picture of it beside my room card for proof. When I checked out, I reported it to the clerk and asked for a full refund. The manager never called me. On 3/8/13 I called Choice Hotels Guest Relations and they contacted Rodeway. The hotel then had 72 hours to make contact with me. As of today, 3/13/13, they have not. My bites

appeared on Thursday evening, and I spent the next 2 days on strong doses of Benadryl, and applying Benadryl cream. My arms, neck and face are covered. I have been miserable!!

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went to bed at Midnight Oct 5th, and woke up at 1:45am to a bed full of bed bugs of all sizes. I called Choicehotels and the hotel attendent. they made me a new reservation at a different Choicehotel for free. I left Roadway immediately.

9/21/2012 - 9/23/2012
Checked for signs of infestation upon arrival, saw nothing in the bed that would indicate that bed bugs were present. Must have been living behind the headboard or under the box spring. Got more than 400 bites over the two night stay. Horrific.

My husband and I stayed at this motel on the night of August 5, 2011 and left on the morning of August 6, 2011. We had a horrible time at this place-run down, dirty, broken toilet, ants, illegal activity in the hallway, shouting and fighting outside of our door, panhandling from other patrons in the parking lot. We were even woke up at about 3 am by a "wake up call" to the wrong room. In the morning, we were awaken by the fire alarm and fire department. It was a false alarm, even though if it HA

D been a fire, it would have done society a favor.

Since our stay was so awful, I came home and researched reviews of this place and found that they had cases of reported bed bugs. So, I was freaking out. About 2-3 days later, I noticed I had bites on my neck. Didn't want to jump to conclusions, so I waited to see what happened. Well, I have continued having bites pop up. And now, my husband has bite marks on his legs.

I called the manager, Mohammad, about a week after our stay to let him know of this issue. He actually accused US of bringing them there!! He stated that people try to scam them out of refunds by bringing in bed bugs and then blaming the motel (which, the measly $20 I was charged after a 50% refund already from the previously mentioned problems would even put a dent in the exterminator costs!). I told him that we have NEVER in our lives encountered bed bugs and weren't even completely sure that that was what it was at first, hence why it took a week to contact him regarding this issue. I told him that I am certain we got these from his motel, since we have not been ANYWHERE but HIS motel. I even told him about all of the complaints regarding the bed bugs that I have found online since our stay. He, at first, told me that he has an exterminator that they have contracted to exterminate for the ants and bed bugs. He has them come and spray 3 times for bed bugs when he gets a report of them, and then re-rents the room. I asked him the name of this company, stating that I, obviously, need to find one to exterminate my home now. He, then, replied that he can give me the contact number for the company that sprays for the ants, but that company does NOT spray for the bed bugs. He and his employees do that themselves. So, I doubt that he has EVER done anything to rectify this situation with his motel. My next step is to contact the Health Department and seek legal advice.I will NEVER stay at this motel again, or any of the other motels affiliated with it or ran by him.

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I stayed at this hotel on 6/10/11 and I didn't stay the entire night. I was laying in bed with my husband and when we seen one bug I started Googling bed bugs and while I was Googling we seen another bug so we packed up and left. When I called about the problem I was told someone would get in contact with me.

I recently stayed here during an important college football game and changed rooms two times during my stay. My first night encountered ants and a broken toilet and what I suspected were signs of bed bugs. They transferred me to another room and this one definitely had live bed bugs. I switched again and only hope I was able to keep them out of my suitcase.

I stayed at Rodeway Inn in Columbus OH August 31, Sept 1 & 2, 2010.
The first night other than being kind of old & dirty I noticed nothing other than small ants & a spider roaming around. The second day I returned to my motel & the bed was made. Waking up in the morning I noticed a spot of blood on my sheet. Looking in the mirror I found red burning marks from my toes to my face. I had well over a 100 bites on my body. I told the motel & was assured a "manager would call" me.
Today it is Sept

16. I still have red spots with a slight itching but over all healing. I still have not heard from any manager.

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