Crowne Plaza Hotel Columbus North
6500 Doubletree Ave
Columbus, OH 43229-1111

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There are 2 listings for this hotel so I'm making sure I report on both:

Room 254 live bug crawled under pillow as I lifted back sheets.
Pulled back mattress and found lots of dust (obvious no cleaning for a while) as well as bug excrement between mattress and box spring.
I immediately packed up to leave and drove the 3+ hours home rather than stay.

stayed there on nov 2nd 2013 for a wedding. we stayed in room 640 we found one bed bug and we killed it we searched the room for more could not find any decided to stay since the wedding was there and on sunday the 3rd we were ate up me my wife and kids i hope we didnt take any home with us.

Saturday November 2, 2013. Room 335. One of my sons woke me around 11:00 pm because of a bug in his bed. I killed it & told him to go back to sleep. I couldn't sleep after that & kept looking around for other bugs. I ended up finding several more in my sons & my bed. I did not know what they were until I did some quick research on the internet. Needless to say, I checked out about 12:30 am informing the hotel staff about the bedbugs. I didn't stick around for a refund or anything. I couldn't

get out fast enough. I will never stay at the Crown Plaza North Columbus again.

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I stayed here on August 17th and 18th. I was awaken around 4:30 a.m. with bites on my thigh and hip. I asked the desk clerk if there was a problem with bedbugs or recluse spiders. I even showed her the areas on my body and she acted surprised. I experienced pain so I went to Urgent Care and the doctor could not confirm nor deny what the problem was, since I had a reaction to whatever the cause was. He thought I might have shingles, but I informed him that I never had chicken pox. He gave m

e two antibiotics and a topical antibiotic for the affected area. Needless to say, I didn't stay the second night. My doctor seems to think I was bitten by bedbugs and had a reaction. I won't be staying there anymore.

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Stayed overnight 11/6/11. Room 853. Did not see reports here before reserving because at that time there were two separate listings for this hotel, one just "Crowne Plaza Columbus North" that was at the top of the list and looked clean.

Did not see any evidence of bugs in the room -- mattresses, box springs, headboard, nightstands. But woke up with a welt on my arm.

I woke up on the first morning of a two-night stay (Aug. 11-12 2011) with many red bites on both legs. As soon as we were in the car doing some sightseeing, I began itching and realized what must've occured. We went to CVS and got some cortisone cream on advice of pharmacist which helped with itching. Interestingly, my husband had slept in the other bed and had no bites. When we got back to the hotel in late afternoon, I discreetly talked to desk clerk,(out of range of other guests checking i

n), explained & showed my bites. He quickly gave us a new room, but did not offer any renumeration, nor did I (foolishly perhaps) ask for any. Our new room was fine, and nothing further happened. This was my first and I hope last experience with bedbugs. I didn't know about this site but will check it from now on!

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I stayed at this hotel on July 21 thru July 24th.Our organization was hosting an executive board meeting there. During my stay I was bitten all over my body.I had red whelps that became itchy. The bites on my arms were swollen. I actually saw the bug in my bed. I notified management.The manager did assign us to a new room. He was nice to give me a bottle of calamine lotion. Initially he took off the charge for one night only. After I explained to him that I was bitten the first night he took of

f another charge.He seemed to be clueless about bed bugs being in the hotel. He acted as if he had no idea of what it could be.I did not sleep in the bed after our room was changed.I just couldn't. I slept in the desk chair which was a horrible night. It was better than being bitten again. I believe that someone else in my group was also bitten.

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I used priceline for this hotel, since everything by the airport was way over priced.

I was apprehensive saying at this hotel since there was another reported instance of bedbugs at this hotel.

I checked in around 9:30 pm and was given room 335. When I arrived at the room I took a flash light and looked under the mattress pad all around the first bed (I saw one black spot or faeces). I then picked up the bed skirt and look all the way down the left side and got to the head board and spot

ted more black spots. So, I looked down the right side, starting with the foot of the bed, and when I got to the head board and three bedbugs were visible. I of course left the room.

I told managment about the bedbugs in the room and they were very prompt in finding me another room. I inspected that room and found no evidence. I didn't sleep that well that night to say the least.

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After reading all the bedbug reports for this hotel, I was pretty nervous to stay there for a scrapbooking event this past weekend. While outdated and somewhat worn, I found the hotel to be clean, comfortable and free of bedbugs. There were about a hundred other women staying there for the same event, and I heard no one mention any bedbug problems.

The staff was friendly, courteous and responsive. There was a problem with the tub not draining, and the staff had it fixed as promised.


hotel seriously needs to be remodeled, but other than that I would recommend it to anyone looking for a clean and comfortable place to stay.

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I used to be a regular guest at the Crowne Plaza North until the bed bug problem got completely out of control. Management was apologetic about the situation, but it does not help the fact that these bugs are crawling all over the hotel.

Its apparent that every hotel in the area around route 161 has this problem.

I would avoid this area all together and either stay in downtown Columbus or possibly Dublin.


Stayed there on 11/4/10. Several bites on my legs when I left the next morning. Not clean at all.

Dear Anonymous,

I need your help. I am the manager of the Crowne Plaza and I was very dismayed to read about your recent stay. No room should ever be anything less than clean…you won’t stand for it and neither will I.

Whenever a room is suspected of having any insects, whether reported by a guest or staff member, our pest control contractor thoroughly examines the room and provides whatever treatment is appropriate. I do not show any record of a service call being made to the room y

ou mentioned. Subsequent to reading your comments, the room has now been inspected and no evidence of any bugs was found.

I wanted to also have my contractor check the second room you were assigned but you did not mention the room number. I examined the records of all guests assigned to room 957 since July…I was looking for a guest who stayed one night, was re-assigned a different room, and subsequently checked out and was refunded. I couldn’t find any matching records.

So here is where I need your help…I need the room number of the second room you were assigned. Is it possible you were mistaken about the initial room assignment, if so please give me the correct room number so I can have it checked? Were you here before July? Could you at least provide the month of your visit? Please feel free to provide this additional information directly on this website if you wish to remain anonymous but I hope you will contact me as well. If we did not live up to your expectations I want to make it right.

Thank you

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I stayed in room 957 at this hotel a few weeks ago. This hotel is probably the dirtiest Crowne Plaza I have ever stayed in across the country. There were evidence of bed bugs in my room and I was bitten several times throughout the night. I let the "management" know at the hotel and the gentleman at the front desk gave me a new room. The new room the "manager" gave me had bed bugs as well. I took the keys back to the guest and let the manager know that this was simply unacceptable. I proceed

ed to check out and find alternate accommodations elsewhere.
This hotel obviously has no concern for its guests when it comes to this matter because both rooms I had were badly infested. I did receive my money back but I would definitely NOT recommend this property to anyone. STAY AWAY!

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