Country Inns & Suites
1111 Mediterranean Ave
Columbus, OH 43229-2509

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On 9-21-2011 I rented a room with my husband and infant. I have a specific allergy to bedbugs where my arm has swelled quite significantly due to a stay in another hotel with a confirmed case [known after the fact, unfortunately]. May I point out that under no circumstances have I brought them with me. I have laundered and steamed every item brought with me to that hotel since several months ago plenty of times, including my shoes and luggage.
I awoke at 6 a.m. to a very painful itch on m

y inner arm. Definitely bed bug bites [again!]. I called the front desk expecting some solution [not necessarily a refund--since I'd already paid for the room in cash, of course I was prepared to pay for my hotel stay] and the manager [Kathy] expressed that they "checked for bed bugs every month" and that all the bedding, including the duvets and pillows, were laundered after every guest checks out. Given that they have large down comforters and pillows, I highly doubt they are laundered after *every* visit. Also, they didn't smell like fresh laundry--another effective clue.

I would avoid staying here until they get it cleared up, or at least until they can cop to the fact that they have bed bugs!!!

[By the way, this Country Inns & Suites is in Lima, Ohio, next to the Holiday Inn and The Travel Lodge.]

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On 09-09-11 I rented a room from this hotel, went to bed and awoke @ 2 am to bedbugs crawling on me. I took pictures of the bedbugs and took them down to the front desk and checked out a little after 2 am, I was advised that in order to get a refund on my room I would have to speak with the manager on Monday.

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