Embassy Suites Hotel Cleveland - Downtown
1701 E 12th St
Cleveland, OH

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This is an update to my last report Made Jan 17 from my stay with my son on Jan 13th and 14th 2012
I am writing to ((Embassy Suites Hotel attn Frank Cozenza @ hilton.com ) you further to her direction (previous emai to Hilton) to keep you informed of the painful experience my son and I are currently undergoing as a result of our stay in your (Hilton owned) Embassy Suites hotel in Cleveland. Today my son's skin began revealing the extent of the bites he incurred: this evening as he tried to sle

ep and stop itching I applied a cotton swabbed in rubbing alcohol against the 94 bite reactions which have so far risen up on his skin. It is painful to feel the itch of my own reactions but it is very upsetting as a parent to witness his more dramatic physical reaction and the increasing anxiety of my boy as he goes to sleep wondering what he will look and feel like in the morning, He keeps asking if it is safe to go to sleep or are they still coming to bite him again ???
I can't answer him truthfully because as you know we may not know if the bed bugs that were in your hotel did or did not make it on board our bus along with some of the luggage of the other 40 or so people from our NT hockey team and parents who also stayed at your hotel (mostly in rooms on our floor, the 10th floor) on the nights of Jan 13 and 14th ; most of them were also quite frantic when I told the coach about my situation and he told all of them on the bus that morning as we were leaving the hotel. I will ask more of the parents this week if any of them have seen evidence of bites on their children. But shouldn't that be your job? Shouldn't you be warning your other patrons?
I am very upset and nervous for my son.
Please forward any information you have in the way of expertise in treating children who have incurred similar high levels of attack from bed bugs at your hotel and may be having an allergic reaction. Any immediate treatment advice would be appreciated. And what other signs should we look for now that the bites are showing up?

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I stayed in room 1016 with my son on Friday Jan 13, 2012 and Saturday Jan 14, 2012. Saturday afternoon my son discovered a bug crawling on the hardcover of the book he was reading while sitting on the sofa. I captured that bug in a tissue and it immediately popped - releasing blood. I had never seen a bedbug before and wasn't sure what it was. That evening I was restless and couldn't sleep and looked up bed bugs on the internet and became convinced that was what we had found. I called the desk a

t about 2 am and complained. The next morning I woke my son and pulled his sheets back and found a crawling bed bug near his feet under his covers, captured it and marched down to the front desk to report/deliver it. They came and took our bags of clothes and ran them through their dryers for 20 minutes just in time for us to catch our departing bus. Some items did not make it into the dryer and may have still been infested when we left.
Today is only day 1 after leaving and I live in anxiety, already scratching, waiting to discover how many bites I and my son have incurrred and what reaction we will experience.....

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I also stayed in room 1109 from Friday Oct. 7 and checked out on Sunday, Oct. 9, 2011. I woke up to bed bugs on Saturday morning. If it wasn't for the fine customer service I received from the front office manager and the phone rep from corporate, I would be furious having found out about this previous report just now. I am quite upset, but feel that there is nothing I can do. I am happy that my luggage got replaced and my car was treated by an exterminator at my request as a precaution.

has been about 10 days and the bites have appeared. They itch and burn, but Benadryl cream and pills seem to work at this point.

*I notified the local health dept. they got back to me immediately and said they'd be on it. I received an email from them today saying that the place has been treated.

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i stayed at this hotel on August 29 thru September 1, 2011 i could feel wasps on my arm through the night and when I walk up. i had bites on my neck, arm, chest, and butt. i called the hotel and they disregarded my incident. i stayed in room 1109. i had to go to the doctor to get treated.

There were definitely bugs in the beds. I don't know if they were bed bugs (could be lice, etc.), but they were definitely bugs.

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