Quality Inn Cincinnati
800 W 8th St
Cincinnati, OH 45203-1602

Found 3 reports:

Stayed the weekend of 5-17-2019 and checked out on 5-19-2019 as part of a wedding block. Two different rooms had confirmed bed bugs and many guests in the party complained of bites. The rooms with bed bugs had multiple bugs on each head board and were found crawling on the pillows. I am not sure the hotel handled this situation properly as management seemed inadequate. I would not recommend staying at this specific hotel!

5/4/2019 @ 8:30 am. Found bedbug on bedspread. Caught it took it to the front desk. They accused us of traveling bedbugs. We're saying we had them daughter had 4 bites in her hours later.
Front desk wanted us to wait 30 min for the manager to arrive. Yes I'm going to stay in a bedbug infested hotel. To talk to another rude person. We took a picture if it. Had to look it up on the internet to verify what it was.

I did what I thought was a thorough search the previous night, but in the morning, i found 3 bugs. When squashed, there was blood. Reported to front desk. 09/09/2010

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