Quality Inn
8870 Governors Hill Dr
Cincinnati, OH 45249-1338

Found 2 reports:

My boyfriend and I were sleep and he kept waking me up telling me his shoulder itch. Then I turned on the light and he had 2 bites on his shoulders. He thought they were mosquito bites. We went back to sleep and he started itching on his arm and hand so he got in the shower ( at 3AM ) while he was in the shower I started checking the bed and found 2 bed bugs. We left right away. All the lady said to us was did we want to check out or did we want a new room. Of course we want to check out. We had

stayed here for a week in a different room and had no problems. We switched rooms because the room key stopped working on our previous room.

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I had stayed at this hotel before, but this time, I found bed bugs in the room and had to leave immediately. I even left some clothes that I had dropped on the floor in fear that bugs were on them.

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