Millennium Hotel Cincinnati
150 W 5th St
Cincinnati, OH

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I stayed on the 15th floor Saturday 10/17/15 and Sunday 10/18/15...South Tower. I was bitten Saturday night and just thought mosquitos (even though it was cold). But Monday, the day I was to check out, I woke up at 5:30 in the morning due to scratching. I found about 4-5 little black bugs crawling on my sheet. Called manager and was offered another room. I was checking out in 3 hours so I declined room offer. I just had a couple of bumps on my wrist, but today, Tuesday 10/20/15, I have bumps on

my hands, wrists, behind ear, forehead, and my right eye is swollen to almost shut. My Mom was in the other bed and we didn't see any bugs in her bed. She is now starting to get bumps behind her ear and on her neck. I will never stay at Millennium again. The Manager was very nice about it, but the damage had already been done. My brother and his girlfriend were across the hall. I only hope they were not bitten.

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Found an adult bed bug on my pillow. Staff were able to confirm it was a bed bug. They switched me to a different room. Overall, the hotel did not seem clean. 10/6/2015

Found adult bedbug on pillow. Unable to catch bug or get a picture of it. While looking for more bugs, saw room was very dirty but did not see any bugs. No answer at front desk. Did not sleep at all that night.

Dear Valued Guest,

At our Hotel, once we get the notification of bed bugs or any pests related issues, we take them extremely serious and take quick action. We immediately remove the room from service and call in our certified pest control expert to investigate the room and take all steps necessary to address the situation. We would appreciate your reaching out to us directly at 513-352-2313 so that may better identify your situation and take appropriate action. The Millennium Hotel is the

largest hotel in the tristate and with all of the exciting things going on this summer in Cincinnati we have hosted a variety of different guests. Some here on business, some vacationing and some just to celebrate our vibrant downtown. In regards to your other concerns, we will discuss this with our security team as the comfort and safety of our guests is always are number one concern. We look forward to the opportunity to speak with you directly.

Sincerely - The Management and Staff

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Stayed on 29th floor, North tower for 4 nights. No issues the first 3 nights, but on the 4th night, June 7th, I woke up feeling like something was crawling on me. I didn't see anything, so I chalked it up to my imagination and went back to sleep. When I woke up in the morning, I was covered in insect bites that weren't there before. I also encountered what appeared to be a Cockroach in the pool area, homeless people begging for money in the hotel lobby, homeless people loitering outside, hotel

guests drinking inside and outside the lobby. The maids never respected the do not disturb sign, and woke us up every day. I also was woken up once by the front desk just asking if we were enjoying our stay.

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Dear Tom: On behalf of Millennium Hotel Cincinnati, please accept our sincere apologies on the recent isolated incident.
We take every report of bed bugs very seriously. Once we receive a report on bed bugs, we take swift action. We immediately remove the room from service and call in our nationally recognized pest control expert to investigate the room and take all steps necessary to address the situation.
We value you as our guest and are very sorry that you were inconvenienced with this ma

The staff & management

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I woke up to my wife shrieking about midnight, 10/25/2014. I grabbed my phone to turn on the flashlight to see what she was yelling about. A bedbug ran across the pillow toward her head. She grabbed it, and we were able to identify using the internet. She killed one more in the bathroom around 6am. Still no manager callback from this nonsense. Room 613

Dear Angela,

I am aware of the situation you had at our hotel on the evening of January 18th. We take any complaints for bed bugs very seriously at the Millennium Hotel Cincinnati. We immediately contacted our nationally accredited pest control company to complete a thorough inspection of your room. The inspection came up negative for any signs of bed bugs in your room. Furthermore, our entire hotel including all guest rooms and support areas was recently inspected by professionals using

K-9 detection processes with the same results. This is just one of many preventative measures we take against pests. Please contact me personally at [email protected] if you would like to discuss further.

Thank you,
Reese Dorsey
Millennium Hotel Cincinnati

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i checked in on 18 january. i was going to stay for two days but checked out the next morning when i woke up to bedbugs on my pillow! i captured one and called the front desk. no one showed up to check it out. it took me taking it to the front desk and complaining. they gave me my room for free but otherwise nothing was done. never staying there agian.

I stayed at the Millennium Hotel on this past Thanksgiving Holiday for one night, with my two grandchildren, one is just an infant. So far we haven't seen any signs of bed bugs since we left.

I live in Chicago, and I did have bed bugs in my apartment, so I am very careful, of where ever I go, sitting in the work place on a friend's home, church or public transportation. I am in the habit of carrying a small bottle of alcohol and spraying my clothes upon entrance into my apartment. Becaus

e you can carry them from one location to another on your clothes.

But like I said I have not seen any signs on myself, luggage, clothes, etc. since leaving the Millennium about a month ago

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Dear Anonymous:

The Millennium Hotel Cincinnati takes any reports of Bedbugs very seriously. I am unaware of this report. Our hotel uses a nationally accredited pest control company for not only reports of pest activity, but preventative measures as well. Please contact me personally via the following email to discuss your concerns. [email protected] Thank you very much.
Reese Dorsey
Millennium Hotel Cincinnati

My Husband and I booked a room through Priceline for our 1st wedding anniversary. We booked the room to be close to the Casino. We arrived back at the Hotel around 11pm and we up to our room that was on the 16th floor. I went ahead and changed into my pajamas and laid down. I got back up because I felt something on my arm and sure enough it was a BED BUG... We looked online to be sure it was a bed bug and it was. My husband immediately called the Manager, he didn’t apologize or anything. We q

uickly gathered our belongings and left. I will never stay at this hotel again.

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In august of 2013 stayed for a week - although no issues while staying there - 3 weeks later while laying in bed at home a bug shows up on the pillow. Put headboard was infested with them. Called a professional and he said that the bed bugs we had had been there for at least 3 weeks and that Cincinnati was the bed bug capital of the US. Horrible experience. Will never go back and will never recommend to anyone!

Just got home from Cincinnati Comic Expo. Forget about the TERRIBLE experience of the so-called convention, we lasted exactly 4 hours in this awful hotel before we encountered multiple bedbugs. NO THANK YOU! I can overlook the dated furnishings and decor, the worn-out carpet, etc... but this place is INFESTED!
Went to Cincy ComiCon last week, stayed at the Marriott Rivercenter; and it was lovely.

My name is Carlos Patel and I stayed at this hotel for the past two months and never had an issue.

Thanks to Priceline we booked a room at the Millennium Hotel in Cincinnati on Friday July 19th. We stayed on the 15th floor in the south tower. My husband and I were laying in bed and he jumped up, flipped on the light, and yelled what was that. Sure enough it was a bed bug! I caught it in a cup and immediately started grabbing our things. We went to the front desk and reported we were checking out and why. The woman at the front desk didn't seem surprised and I now I know why. They offer

ed to move us to the north tower, but I just wanted out of there. I did report to Priceline and wanted to leave a comment on my stay, but because we checked out and the hotel refunded our money, we are not able to rate the Millennium Hotel on their site and they didn't seem to concerned with informing their customers either.

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Thanks to Priceline, I stayed at the Millennium Hotel, on the west end of the 5th floor in the South Tower, from 7/5/13-7/7/13. Returning home on 7/7, I discovered several rows of bug bites on my arm, shoulder, back, buttocks, and ankle. Many of the bites are in a straight line. No one else who slept in the room shows any bite marks. I did not see any bugs in the room, but we did find what looked like a .75" x .25" blood stain on our sheet the morning of 7/6; don't know if it was there when we r

eceived the room or not.

When I realized how many times I had been bitten, I called the hotel to report the possibility of bedbugs. The manager on duty said they would look into it.

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we arrived on 10/21 and the lighting was very dim in the south tower, even to read and we asked for an extra light. on 10/23 we had a note to see the manager that they were moving us to another room, which turned out to be because of bedbugs. the manager offered to take all our clothes to the cleaners. the north tower rooms were much nicer and better lit and the mattress appeared clean. They said they steamed my suitcase but then could not locate it. finally the manager the next day, found it

in the luggage room wrapped in plastic as i tried to check out on 10/24. i lost my garment bag that they sent with hanging clothes to the cleaners. take good inventory of your items because only one dry cleaning bag was marked and one was still left in the luggage room. despite careful precautions, i fear i may have brought some bedbugs home. The manager gave one free night and fixed the bill to take the laundry charge off. my roommate was badly bitten from head to toe.

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Stayed 3 nights, early Sept. 2012, 29th floor, North Tower. I inspected room/mattress and found no staining or bedbugs. I received no bites while there.

I am so glad to see management post a response to these comments. I was very concerned after reading the information on this site. I stay at this hotel at least once a week and I have never had an issue. It is a great hotel with a great staff. I would reccommend it to anyone staying in Cincinnati.

Millennium Cincinnati Hotel prides itself on the services provided to guests, most importantly a comfortable stay. Millennium Cincinnati Hotel implements preventative measures to ensure that all guest rooms are routinely checked for any issues, including inspections by trained housekeeping maintenance staff and management. Additionally an outsourced pest control company regularly performs spot inspections of the rooms. Millennium Hotels & Resorts strives to provide our visitors with the best

service and we’re extremely proud of the quality of stay we provide.

Thank you,

Hotel Management

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We stayed at the Millennium Hotel for a trade show at the Convention Center which was attached to the hotel. When we arrived in our room there was a note on one of the beds, we later learn it was from one cleaning person to another, that stated: "Be sure to change the sheets on both beds, I seen bed bugs"

We showed the note to the manager and he changed us to another room. My husband had bites the next morning and I had 5 bites a few days later. The rooms were run down and very dirty. We

would never consider this hotel or any hotels run by this company in the future.

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I stayed at the Millennium Hotel from 11/23-and left the morning of 11/26. The first 2 nights we didn't have any issues. We had double beds and I had checked both mattress very carefully. The third night my boyfriend brought a third pillow over from the 2nd bed. He woke up in the middle of the night cause he thought he was bitten, when we turned on the light there the bedbug was sitting on the pillow. We called management and they took awhile to come up, not sure why it was 3am. We submitted a

report that night and they said a manager would be in touch with us 1st thing Monday morning. Monday and Tuesday has passed and no call from anyone at the Millennium, we called on Tuesday to only get a managers voicemail. I'm a frequent traveler and have stayed here at least 6 times this year alone, but that was my last!

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November 16, 2011 was my second (and final) stay at the Millennium. I stayed on the 5th floor of the North Tower. This is, I believe, the "updated" portion of the hotel.

As I was getting ready for bed on the first night of my trip, I noticed a small insect on the wall behind the TV. I grabbed it with a pair of tweezers and had it pinched by the leg. It was definitely a bed bug, but one which hadn't fed in a while (light brown, not reddish). I killed it by crushing it under a bar of soap in th

e bathroom.

Totally freaked out, I tried calling down to the front desk. The line was busy - I am guessing it was because the room phone was improperly programmed (earlier that night, the room service button rang endlessly when pushed and no one ever answered). Frustrated, I spent the next hour scouring the bed and room for more bugs. I didn't find any, but was still disgusted. Hung all of my bags from the bathroom door and ended up sleeping in the bathtub on a pile of clean towels. I checked out at 6AM the next morning and will never EVER go back.

Millennium Hotel - you are sometimes 10 to 20 dollars cheaper than the other downtown Cincy hotels, but know I know why. For a little extra cash I could have slept peacefully at the Hyatt or the Cincinnatian.

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I was to stay at the hotel from September 2 to September 4. A friend who had checked into the hotel on the 3rd told me about bedbugs in her room. I cancelled my reservation

I stayed on the 20th floor, late August and saw a bedbug early the next morning (unusual as they are reported to be nocturnal); was able to capture it in a cup and reported it to the staff. Security and housekeeping were quick to act. They offered to launder my clothing and take care of everything. I had to write a statement of events about finding the 'critter'. The room was shutdown and blocked off for investigation. I checked out that day! I got repeated calls of apology and concern from t

he housekeeping staff. After a few days I got a call from the investigator and Bill Longhan(?) telling me they had found other begbugs in that particular room. They were very accommodating and could not have been nicer or fair. Bedbugs are a problem so please be aware and take all necessary precautions when traveling.

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No bedbugs. I stayed in the north tower, room 715, from August 29th through September 1st. I took great care based on what I have heard with all urban city hotels and bedbugs. I kept my clothes in Spacebags, didn't use the drawers, and took a flashlight and checked the room thoroughly. Everything was clean and no signs of bedbugs.

BTW: the pot roast was fabulous :-)

Stayed on the 29th floor north tower late aug 2011. Checked the room when we arrived but didn't find any bedbugs.

I stayed in early August 2011and was concerned about bedbugs. I was told when I made reservations to tell them my concerns and they would check it before hand and block the room. I called and the lady said she put that on the reservation. When we checked in the front desk had no idea and it was not on the reservation. She said they did not do that for guests, check the room and block it.

I checked the room from top to bottom and found no bugs but it was VERY dirty. There was hair on the b

lankets, dust bunnies, stains on the bedding, etc. I always check the hotels and I was amazed how dirty it was. Talking to some staff they said they have had several cases of bed bugs and they do everything to get rid of them.

I was disappointed since I had stayed at teh hotel before.

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I RECENTLY STAYED AY THE mILLENNIUM hOTEL IN ROOM 1124, from july 28 to aug 6, 2011. Regester under the name of Maxine Jones and Doris PAT Allen.I dORIS pAT aLLEN WAS BITTEN BY BEDBUGS AND TRANSFERED TO ROMM 1126. I went to the first aid station in the Drew Center where it was confirmed I had been bitten by bedbugs, and it was stated others had come in for treatment. I spoke to several managers in reference to this, and was told the general manager or a team would get back to me. They never did

. I was given a report that stated there were no bugs in room 1124. I show them my the some of the places I had been bitten.I went back very quietly as I did not want to start any panic. I spoke to Amanda who was very nasty. Manager Marquis, tried to contact the Geneeral Manger Bill Lourdins with no avail. Another manger by the name of Bill was very nasty. No one ever called to offer any medical help, or some type of compensation for my discomfort. I had a lot of meeting to attend as I was there for an Elk Convention. I could sleep for feeeling as if something was crawling or bitting me. Upon returning home where I went to the Doctor who confirm I had been bittend by begbugs. I am still very upset as to the manner I was treat by the staff who knew that was a bed bug problem at the hotel. I am still uncomfortable and had to be treated with meedication for the bites. I can be reached at 917 751 2137. My address is 137-41 170 street Jamaica, New York 11434 i

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I stayed here this past weekend (July 15-17 2011) to experience the city plus there was a baseball game and sausage festival going on (win). I stayed on the 20th floor in the North Tower. I inspected the room from top to bottom. I even used clear tape to be extra thorough. In addition to all of that I stayed up most of the night (primarily because I was scared from all of the stories I had heard about people being attacked by bed bugs in the middle of the night). I saw NOTHING! There were no bed

bugs in my room what so ever.However, I still took precautions when I got home and wish my clothes right away because the reputation of Cincinnati.

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I was attending a conference from June 1 to June 9. During that time at least two people reported bedbugs and had to change rooms. Personally I did not see or have bedbugs in my room.

I stayed at the Millennium room 1809 in the south tower on 4/2/2011. Knowing Cincy's recent problems with bedbugs I was prepared to do a thorough search. I tore that room apart and saw no signs of bedbugs.

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