La Quinta Inn & Suites Cincinnati - North
12150 Springfield Pike
Cincinnati, OH 45246-1607

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I was booked through my company for business travel and saw prior reports of bedbugs but no recent reports in the past 2 years. I checked in and immediately went upstairs to scan the room before bringing my baggage inside. I lifted up the seat of the red recliner chair and low and behold there were bedbugs. I put the bedbug in a cup and took it downstairs and asked if they had reports of bedbugs and the front desk make stated no. I replied "well I have one in this cup" and he stated oh well we h

ave had about 5 reports in the past 2 months but when inspected the professional couldn't find any bedbugs in most of those claims. He was super nice and called for exterminator and was very apologetic. I checked out and no charges occurred. I was in room 329. I would say it's an ongoing problem since the last report on this site the person was next door in room 328.

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10-18-13. Stayed one night in the hotel. Mid day next day I noticed bites all over my body. Checked around the room, found a few fully grown bugs on the ceiling and in the bed. Rm. 328

Upon arrival I did an inspection and at first it seemed okay. Then I went to dinner and came back and there were several bed bugs found on the walls and the floor. One bedbug actually crawled across bathroom counter and I caught it in a cup to show the front desk. I checked out and they refunded my money.

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