Intown Suites
7451 Colerain Ave
Cincinnati, OH

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This is the most disgusting place ever.
Unless you are a herion addict, prostitute or drug dealer.
The room are very dirty the covers had burn hole , the counters in bathroom and kitchen had burn marks from where it looks like cigerettes have laid and burned. The window opens with no screen , the AC doesn't work.
Many people there have been there for months to years. When you leave your room and come back you can tell someone has gone through your stuff.
The fire alarm goes off at least one

time a day sometimes two or three very dangerous.

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I recently rent a queen room for a week there and when i got there i had no problems but when i woke the next day i was covered with red bumps when i went searching i found the room had bed bugs in the covers living in the hem. I called and the night agent and was told there was nothing that they could do and the choice i had was stay and talk to management on Monday (2 days later), or leave and call Monday. They didn't offer to put me in a different room or anything so i left and called their m

ain corporate number and didn't get no where.. they have NO customer complaints call line just a number to leave a message and i was told it take 24-48 hours for someone to return your call i paid for a week stay and already lost out on 4 days and nothing has been done yet

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As the existence of this website indicates, bed bugs have become an ever increasing problem. They are found in almost every type of business and are no reflection on quality or cleanliness of an establishment.

InTown Suites has been and will continue to work hard with our pest control provider to eradicate these pests from our locations.

This issue is a top priority at our company and we take every appropriate step to make sure any occurrences are addressed quickly, professionally and

adequately. In fact, our procedures go above and beyond the requirements of our pest control company.

We hate when ANY pest is found on our property. However, we are taking the steps necessary to ensure that we are as pest free as possible and will continue to do so in the future.

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I used to live there for a few months, never seen one in our room. But know a few other people that have complained about a massive problem, and I was shown, WOW is all I can say. Nothing can be done unless everyone is put up to stay somewhere until it is fixed. Either that or the rates should be lowered. they have been lowered since we have moved out, but they should be cheaper for this HUGE risk to stay there for a week or a year and contract bedbugs out of the deal. Glad we didnt get them, bu

t hate the fact that we know several people that are stuck with this situation. Its sad there is know REAL HELP to fix this!!!

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This place has had bed bugs for at least a year. They do nothing about it. They won't replace your bed or anything, until AFTER you move out. Some people there even threaten to kick you out and try to blame you if they can't get it under control! HELP!!!

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