Howard Johnson Cleveland Airport
16644 Snow Rd
Brook Park, OH 44142

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Customer service is terrible, the beds are dirty and not clean. The floor was dirty and the hotel room had a smell. Paid $100 for a $65 room, the rest was a deposit to secure the room. That $100 came with a mediocre breakfast, and bed bugs having a feast on my body like no tomorrow. I had two beds in my room, and both of the beds had bed bugs in them! I was itching my whole two night stay, and the bed bugs hitchhiked a ride to my house when I got home. I had not noticed they came to my home unti

l a few days later when I saw the bugs were reddish black and I saw blood (most likely mine from the feed) on my pillow. I had to pay a lot of money to re-wash all my clothes, putting my belongings in plastic, sweeping and vacuuming, buying a bed bug mattress cover, moving my belongings, feeling uncomfortable for days on end, having to take a sleep aid in order to sleep because I was being bitten. And it took the exterminator three times to exterminate those demons from my house which came from that dreaded hotel.

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I dont remember exactly when i checked it but it was probably 2-3 after my birthday(1-9-97) i rented a hotel for my 18th birthday with my boyfriend, sister and her boyfriend. My sister and her boyfriend got their own room, my boyfriend and i got another. Everything was fine, untill my boyfriend woke up and was itching, i didnt know at the time because he didnt tell me, but when he got home he had texted me and said do you have bug bites on you? I woke up and didnt itch or anything, i did itch on

my back, nothing was there, itched on my right hand and saw that i had 3 bites in a line said no at first they didnt show up right away. He sent me pictures of the bug bites, they were everywhere, his arms were covered, his back, his neck, some on his lower stomach/hip area and im pretty sure he had some on his legs. He counted and said he had well over 20-30 bites, if not more. I mean it was nasty. The hotels were in good shape, werent dirty. I never went back to complain because we had already left and went on with our day, as soon as he told me i told him make sure you wash al your clothes, everything you brought with you in HOT WATER! He said he did. Well i already was either done or was in the process of washing my, but i walked in the door and got my bag unpacked and i washed everything in HOT WATER. Thankfull i didnt bring anything home, & i dont think he did either. Our parents would have killed us and be superrrrrrr pissed off. They are extremly hard to get rid of, its take thousands of dollars to get rid of them completely. THANK GOD!!! WILL NEVER RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE, BUT THE DAMN HEALTH DEPARTMENT. I WILL NEVER EVER BE BACK TO HOWARD JOHNSON. HAVENT BEEN BACK SINCE. && THIS IS THE REASON I DONT GO TO OR RENT HOTEL ROOMS, NEVER KNOW WHAT KIND OF COMPANY YOU WILL RUN IN TO.! Smh & it was like 70$ for a room & it had bed bugs, and the shower & water pressure SUCKED!!!!!!!!! WORST PLACE TO STAY!

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My husband was there on business 12/20/11. He had room 315. He is very allergic to bedbug venom. When he got home 2 days later, he had lumps the size of half eggs ALL OVER his arms. There was not a square inch of his arms untouched. He has a trail of bites a foot long on his right shoulder blade. He has 6 nickel sized bites on his side. His arms are now crusty sores. He has been taking soda baths, taking Benadryl and trying not to scratch. Why would ANY business subject paying customers

to such disgusting 3rd world conditions!? STAY AWAY AND WARN FRIENDS!!

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On 6/11/11 I checked in After having a few to many to drive back home to Grafton TWP.Figured $49.00 was a great deal. I found out real fast why they only charge $49.00 a night.. As I checked in got my bag in my room rm# (314)I went to the ice machine broke..ok..ok..$49.00 i kinda laughed it off, no biggie...went to shower pulled the curtan *BAM hole bracket system fell right on me! screws,bracket & ect..Again $ I was just like wtf (still kinda laughing to myself)I was more worried abou

t getting charged then it happening..I finally got ahold of front desk after oh about 50 rings!...gentelmen did ask me if i wanted to change rooms and I wouldent be charged. I just said as long as i'm not charged no big deal i'll just stay. Ok! now for the scary part as i was dozzing off I felt somthing on my right arm. I put my finger on it grabed it and went to turn on the light..It was a bug..At the time i had no clue what kind. I was freaking out. I turned over my pillows and holyshit more bugs!..They were bed bugs everywhere. I counted 12..I grabbed all my stuff and headed downstairs..Told him everything..Said nothing and couldent get a re-fund..I even said come up to the room i'll show you the bugs!...He was like "I cant leave the front desk)Only thing he did was offer me the owners name. I left..went next door to the holiday inn express. people! for the extra $40 go next was really clean & great staff..They also told me more horror stories of people coming from there to stay!...Ok so i called the owner told him everything...He said he will check the room and get back to me..He called me back and said room was checked..found nothing and he called orkin pest controll..BED BUGS COME OUT AT NIGHT!..They hide during the day...No refund no appoligy nothing..bad bad.. please dont stay..4 days and i'm still paranoid I brought them home.

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