Super 8 Beachwood Cleveland Area
3795 Orange Pl
Beachwood, OH 44122-4403

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I am a representative writing from the hotel, in responce to the bedbug comment, when bedbugs occur this hotel does everything to prevent them from spreding. the entire room if trashed and new bedding, mattress, and furniture is placed in the room. nothng is left for bedbugs to remain in the room orkin pest control who i am sure everybody has heard off comes to the property and does a spraydown of the entire room. this process takes 7 - 10 days. there are no chances of them spreading. i want peo

ple to know that i do my all to make sure my guest do not have to encounter them. every month orkin does a check of every single room and the reports are located at the front desk, so if a guest wants to see the lreport aLL THEY HAVE TO DO IS ASK.

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I am passing along a report on the Super 8 in Beachwood (Cleveland area), Ohio. I think this should be included on your website:
"At 2:30 AM my husband's work cell phone rang. When he turned on the light...I was shocked to see....yes, you guessed...Bed Bugs! We immediately called the desk and took some to the management. We left immediately after putting all all belongings in plastic bags.
I can't imagine how this place stay s in business.... They did refund our money...Luckily

, none of the little creatures came home with us. We were very careful about that. I've had nightmares about the night from hell!"

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