Fairfield Inn Suites by Marriott Cleveland Beachwood
3750 Orange Pl
Beachwood, OH 44122-4404

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My husband is a Platinum member with Marriott hotels. We travel often and this is our first encounter with bed bugs. At this stay my husband, child, and myself spent two nights at this hotel last week (8/2011). We were on the 4th floor in a one bedroom suite. I did do a brief search for bugs alongside the mattress, and underneath the sides of the bed and did not see anything. I made sure to check the sheets prior to going to sleep and the sheets were solid white. There were no problems the first

night. When we woke up on our 2nd day I noticed that my child had some bite marks on a few parts of his body. I also noticed a rusty color stain in the middle of the bed- which resembled dried blood. I learned later that this is the left over stain of the fecal matter that the bug left after it ate on us. The next morning I noticed several bites on my leg.. in a pattern of 3. I called the hotel and they immediately denied that they had any bugs. The manager came up with all sorts of excuses without meeting me. Although he was polite I found it annoying that he presumed it could not be a bed bug without looking. He told me he would have engineers go in to inspect the room. A few hours later he calls me back to tell me that they found nothing. He also added that the hotel management asked the current occupants of the room if they noticed any problems. Per management they did not. Our family travels often and I am very confident that my child & I were bitten by bed bugs. The hotel declined to help us pay for dry cleaning as well as the fumigation of our luggage- which will be costly. Management was not able to explain the rusty colored small blood stain discovered in the morning on the bedding as well. We won't stay at this location in the future. Hopefully the critters did not come home with us. We are taking steps to prevent this now as well.

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