Crowne Plaza Quaker Square
135 S. Broadway, Akron, Oh
Akron, OH

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I was a recent guest of room 314 at the Quaker Inn on Sep. 10, 2011. Both my hotel roommate and I noticed multiple bed bug bites a few days after leaving. The hotel was notified, the room charge was refunded, and the manager thanked me for bringing infestation to their attention since supposedly this was their first known incident. Unfortunately the bed bugs traveled home with me, and I continue to get bitten. The original bites from the hotel have now become scars. I contacted the hotel manage

r again to request help paying for an exterminator, and was denied. He said the refund should help cover the cost, but it will cost an estimated $600 plus cost of decontaminating clothes, linens, etc. It could have been prevented in the first place since the previous poster discovered the bed bug infestation on the same floor and was told it would be taken care of after he reported it. If the original infestation was taken care of in the first place, I would not be in this horrible situation. The management should have had each room inspected, knowing that bed bugs spread and multiply rapidly. If their problem is not resolved this time, it will not only affect the travelers as it has me, but also the students who use the hotel as a dorm.

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Actually, this hotel is no longer a Crowne Plaza property, and that could be why housekeeping is not up to expectations. [It's the Quaker Square Inn.] On June 13 I checked in and was assigned a room on the 3rd floor. Luckily I inspected it before bringing in my luggage. My initial inspection of the bed [luckily I had a good flashlight, since the lighting was dim] revealed the tell-tale reddish brown stains on the side of the mattress and then an actual bed bug crawling on the side of the mattres

s. I immediately returned to the front desk to report it. The staff member didn't seem surprised but responded courteously and promptly - she immediately notified housekeeping and offered me a room on another floor. A thorough inspection [bed, bedframe, box spring, behind wall deorations, upholstered furniture] of the second room revealed a lot of dust and other housekeeping issues but no more bugs. Nonetheless I left my bag in the bathroom during my stay and it's still outside in the car trunk!

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