Quality Inn Woodside
53-05 Queens Blvd
Woodside, NY 11377

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Our last night in Quality Inn Woodside, New York City was a horror. I woke up and discovered a fat moving bed bug on the sheet. I squeezed it and the sheet turned red of blood. Hotel room looked clean. Fresh sheets and towels every day. Bathroom all granite. Air conditioning was disgusting. Air out of it smelled like urine. Breakfast was a comedy. Micro muffins, some sort of corn flakes, dark fluids...maybe it was coffee, some customers got yellowish rubber like scrambled eggs, some toast and b

agels were offered too. Once I saw a banana truck unloading something. We haven't seen any bananas for breakfast anyway. Plates, cups and utensiles were made of plastics. Operator refilled food and cleared the garbage bin with same gloves.
Staff was helpful and friendly.

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After Staying in this hotel for 5 days, I found bed bug bites a few days after I got home. and every day I have new bug bites, I think this hotel has bed bug and they lay eggs on my luggage and came to my home
dont go to this hotel unless you want bed bugs

I found one too!

I found 2 bed bugs crawling around my bed . Yuck!

I found 2 bed bugs crawling around my bed . Yuck!

I found a bedbug in my bed on June 23 2011 at this hotel

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