Howard Johnson
6509 Queens Blvd
Woodside, NY 11377

Found 2 reports:

Checked in 11/01/12 -11/02/ had a bad smell to it. Was only there a few hours. Went to work by the time I got home I realized bed bugs had a party on my back. Disgusting. That hotel should be closed due to their nastiness. Room 204.

I checked into this location on March 4, 2010 to a very clean and spacious Executive Suite. I spent very little time in the room and generally arrived home in the early morning hours. Unfortunately, when I awoke early on my check out day I found 2 bed bugs crawling in my bed , one on my pillow, both engorged with blood. I captured the large one and took photos, the hotel manager was not on duty and the staff could have cared less. Even after reporting the issue the following day to the manager n

o refund or apology was offered. I am certain that the room was not cleared of this problem before it was occupied again.

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