Rodeway Inn Williamsville
48 Freeman Rd
Williamsville, NY 14221-7204

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November 27, 2010 7 of us stayed there so we could go to the Buffalo/Steeler game. We found no bed bugs but our room was the only one with heat but couldn't be adjusted. The other 2 rooms had no heat and they had to move. Later one of the rooms lost their heat and there was another move. Rooms were dusty, lamp cord was taped with duct tape and there was no cover on the outlet. That was only a few of the things that happened. We found no bed bugs but what bed bug would want to stay in a pla

ce that was dirty and cold!

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I checked in to the hotel about 10:45 on Friday 9/3. My daughter and I took off the mattress and the top covers of the bed, looking for bugs and found nothing. We ordered pizza and sat to eat (at the table, not on the bed). Then,about 11:30, my daughter noticed bugs crawling under the covers at the foot of the bed. I caught one and threw it in the toilet. I took the second one I caught down to the desk, told them they had bedbugs and that we were leaving. They assured me very quickly that

we wouldn't be charged. We went next door and checked in to the motel there. The clerk wanted to know if we were coming from the Rodeway Inn next door because apparently it's a common occurence for people to leave in the middle of the night there and check in somewhere else. They flag the rooms so they know which ones to fumigate...
The bugs were small, brownish, one was a more oblong shape the other more round.

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