Super 8
309 N Genesee St
Utica, NY 13502-2317

Found 2 reports:

BEDBUGS at this hotel! Very bad hotel. Smells like smoke and mold, and there are bedbugs. Stay away from this hotel as well as ANY SUPER 8!!

My boyfriend and I arrived at this hotel early evening July 2010 for a family wedding. I use to work for a pest control company and am very vigilant about checking for bedbugs pretty much wherever we go. The very first thing I did was inspect the mattress in the room; not only did I check it around in general but I lifted the mattress up and checked the box spring underneath. Sure enough, there were bedbugs ALL OVER!! For the most part they seemed dead but that does not mean live ones aren't in

there. We instantly got out of there and reported our findings to the front desk. The gentleman working behind the counter did not whatsoever seemed surprised by what we had to say and gave us our refund promptly. I will never stay at that hotel again- please whoever reads this-check the room thoroughly before staying!!! The bedbugs can hide not only in boxsprings and mattresses but behind picture frames, curtains, etc..... honestly if you can avoid hotels in general I would recommend so......

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