801 University Ave
Syracuse, NY 13244-1720

Found 4 reports:

Stayed in the hotel for 3 nights and discovered bites on my face, arms, and stomach. I called the hotel and they had an exterminator check and they found 5 Live Adult Bugs.

Stayed at this location October 10-11, 2012 without any encounter of bedbugs. All bedding was checked prior to unpacking. I am not affiliated with this hotel but simply a business traveler wanting to pass along safe hotel information to others.

killed two bedbugs upon entering my room and doing a bed examination on July 12, 2011.


I stayed at this propery in early April for a two night stay. Into the morning after my first night, I noticed I was very itchy. After returning to my room after a business meeting, I did a self examination of various parts of my body, to find the horror of having bed bug bites. When I conceited the front desk with my concerns, I was dismissed as the assured me it couldn't have been from their hotel, because of their recent renovations. I was appalled! I checked out immediately and vowed to nev

er stay at a Sheraton property ever again.

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