Howard Johnson Suffern
Airmont Rd
Suffern, NY

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I booked a block of 20 rooms at the Howard Johnson and one of my crew members complained of a rash after one night in the hotel. Two days later it was apparent that he was being bitten by bedbugs. The hotel manager, Bipa, flat out lied to us and said that they've never had a problem before and that they get the hotel checked every month by Orkin. We told them that they had to get an exterminator to check all of the rooms that we were staying in (they didn't check any rooms that we didn't force t

hem to), and there were bugs in two of the rooms, 220 and 309. They were not even remotely apologetic. We told them that we needed to use their laundry facilities to put everything in the dryers and they wouldn't even keep the clothing in long enough for the clothes to dry, let alone the hour in the dryer that it takes to kill the bugs. They paid for one person to buy some cheap clothes at walmart while his clothes were in the laundry room but they refused to give us our money back for the rooms that had the bedbugs. If you can stay anywhere else on the planet, I would suggest doing so. These people only care about making money and since most guests are only in the hotel for a night they have not bothered to actually fix the problem they have with bed bugs. The exterminator told us that they have problems all the time but that they haven't taken the necessary steps to make their hotel clean.

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My family including children stayed at this hotel. After returning home my wife and I realized we had bite marks all over our legs. I called the Howard Johnson and they refused to admit that they had a problem and was persistent that I had the problem.

They said when I called that they would go check the room I stayed in, while waiting on the line for only two minutes they answered to me that there was no problem. There is absolutely no way they can have an adequate answer to find out. It

takes longer than that to walk to the room!

I will never go anywhere near the Howard Johnson in Suffern, NY! No refund or attempt to come to a resolve!

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We stayed her on July 9th 2011. A member of our part woke up to find a bed bug in the bed and had bites all over her legs. We asked if there had been any reports previously and could not get a straight answer. Finally the manager came and checked the room and admitted that the room had been infested but it had been treated.

Spent 2 nights at the Howard Johnson's on Sufforn during labor day weekend last year (checked in Saturday, checked out Monday). Booked two rooms. We were not impressed, the rooms did not appear to be very clean, in fact when we checked in, one room was not made up yet and we requested to move to another room. The morning after we checked in, we noticed my 18 year old daughter's neck had what appeared to be a small rash. We did not think it was anything serious, thought it must have been her shir

t rubbing against her neck while she slept. By the evening, more bumps appeared and by Monday morning, her arms, legs, neck, stomach and back had over 50 bites. Two days later, she had a total of over 100 bites all over her body. Fortunately, my other daughter who slept on the other double bed in the room as her was not bitten. It took multiple visits to the doctors, she missed two weeks of school and was in constant pain. It took well over a month for the bites to disappear and for my daughter to feel herself again. The bites were extremely itchy and very painful. We will not stay there again. The price of the rooms did not justify what we went through. Most horrible experience ever.

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