Quality Inn Schenectady
2788 Hamburg St
Schenectady, NY 12303-3706

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Date 8/17/12 we checked into quality inn at approx. 6 pm. The rooms we had were 110 & 111. The rooms were not in the best condition rugs were very dirty and stained in both rooms cobwebs on the corners. We had no choice as we were there to celebrate our fathers 80th birthday. We convinced ourselves it was just for 2 nights. We travel around the country and this was one of the worst looking rooms ever; next morning we are out early and had a couple of bites which we just assumed were mosquito bit

es. We went to the manager Saturday evening to let him know about the condition of the rooms how it was not up to standards being clean and he said why are we here. I replied if we had a choice we would not be here, but we a stuck because we are celebrating my dad's 80th birthday. I did not expect to here that from a manager of the hotel. We woke up this morning which is Sunday August 19 with bites to our face, neck, arms, legs torso and back in total we have 22 bites. Big red bites which hurt and itch. We told another manager with no response. We throw out all of our clothes and luggage for fear of bringing it into our car or home. This place should be closed down until they have better conditions.

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We live in New York City, but have never encountered bed bugs, until now. I should have known when we checked into our room, 210 on Friday June 25, 2010, and had to ask for new bedding because there were some mysterious dark stains on the covers. But I was tired, and was not even thinking of the possibility of bed bugs. The concierge brought us new bedding and helped us put it on. I should have checked the beds better, and will from now on believe me. We stayed for two nights, as we were attendi

ng a wedding in the area. When we got home we dropped off the luggage in the foyer of our apartment, and FORTUNATELY did not bring it into the bedroom, as earlier today, what did I find crawling down the wall of our bathroom (near the foyer) but a bedbug nypmh about the size of a half carat gem stone. I was grossed out, as I had never seen a bug like that, trapped it in a jar, and promptly went to the internet. Sure enough, I took it to a pest control place in our area, and they confirmed my suspicion that it was a bed bug. I called the hotel, and they said they had never had a problem with bed bugs, but I let them know of my concerns. I also asked the management office of our very well maintained building, and they said that no one else in the building was dealing with bedbugs, but that they would get the exterminator in as soon as possible. (Love them.) I also bought the protect a bed thingy for our mattress and box spring, and all the clothes are in the wash on hot, and the suitcase is now in double plastic bags. I just hope it is not too late. We drove our own car to the hotel, so public transportation contamination is not a possibility, and I can only think that the bug hitchhiked on our luggage, which we left on the bed we did not sleep in--that had had the yucky bedding.

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