Super 8
3800 State Route 13
Pulaski, NY 13142-2401

Found 2 reports:

my family, excluding me stayed there, in spring 2013l A week after, I cleaned out my son's closet and piled old, outgrown clothing (including his bag and what he wore there) in the hallway and saw a bug I had never seen before. In my internet search, I found out it was a bed bug and found 3 more in his suitcase..... We are still battling these issues!! Not only costly, a nuisance, but absolutely gross!

I stayed on the 2nd floor at the super 8 and several days after I got home, I started to get bitten and am now dealing with bedbugs in my apartment. Not 100% positive, but pretty sure i brought the bugs back with me. I had not traveled anywhere else and there is no history of bedbugs in my building. If you visit this hotel, please be sure to take measures to insure you don't bring anything back with you.

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