Super 8
4973 Rt-23
Oneonta, NY 99999

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In response to the previous post, it is not common to suffer after effects from a bed bug bite, which may be indistinguishable from mosquito or flea bites. I do hope you were screened for Lyme disease, as your symptoms more closely align with that.

I stayed at this hotel at Christmas time, 2014. The floors were cold as they had remodeled without rugs, but that makes it easier to clean. Pets are allowed, so be careful if you have all

ergies. Overall, it was a fair enough room for the cost.

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I just found out about this registry when reading the new york times this morning. We went to Oneonta for my daughters graduation on May 16th.We stayed one night. I was bitten that one night,had tremendous hives the next day.It took about a week to figure out what happened. I developed hives on my face chest hands, legs. It is now July 13th and they are still breaking out occasionally. Its a miserable experience, had to take heavy antihistimes which made me tired, was very embarrassed at wo

rk and couldn't go to my physical therapy appointments for a month, I usually go weekly.The room was #118. I called the motel once I figured out what happened and they refunded half of the price of the room. Frankly I was feeling so lousy I didn't even try to recoup the whole amount. I don't know if any action was taken to correct the situation, I never heard from them. The experience makes you scared of staying anywhere but home! I will definitely check your website before we travel again.

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