Super 8
47 Route 59
Nyack, NY 10960-2912

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Stayed in room 221 on 6/17/15. Woke up with about 10 bites all over my feet and ankles. Called later that day and asked to speak to a manager. They said the manager would call me the next call of course. I took pictures of all the bites, if anyone would like to see them e-mail me at [email protected] and I will send them to you. This is the second time this happened here.the first time I thought it might have been from something else but now I'm sure it was from here. Management tot

ally ignored me so here we go.

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Very odd that the same numbered room another female stayed in and posted on this site was the same exact room I was given to sleep in. Overall the room seemed clean and good environment but when I checked the mattress cover there were several stains and I was too paranoid to sleep in the bed considering I seen the post on this site after I got to the hotel. Anyway, I did not see any living bugs however I felt uncomfortable and me and my boyfriend requested another room. You would figure for $98

it wouldn't be a problem to switch me to another room within the first 10 minutes we arrived, but according to the staff it was. Very rude and nonetheless unprofessional. After a failed request to change rooms, my boyfriend asked if he could atleast change the stained sheets. The owner, or whoever was mainly in charge, said there was nothing he can do and handed him a sheet. Not only could he not give us a new room, he couldn't even have the sheets be changed, never ever have I been at a hotel where they tell me to change my own sheets. The main point: I will not recommend!!!

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This is great hotel. I been living in this hotels for last few year . I do not see any bed bug problem orr other problems. rooms are nice ,spacious,free internet,free coffee clean-rooms , free breackfast,,staff is courtious and helping nature. what else can yo ask for $89.00 plus tax

I stayed in this location as a hotel guest between 08/26 to 08/29, 2010.
The first night I stayed in Rm # 212. I was bitten by a apple seed size brownish blood sucking bug. I caught and killed the bug. Blood came splash out into my nail and blanket! Gross!I got 16 bites from this bug over my face, neck, chest, finger, arms and head! The bites became red, swollen and itchy.I called the night clerk into the room. The clerk took away the bug. I told him to keep the bug for me. But he threw it away

I was switched to Rm # 216. I checked the bedding including mattress before I sleep. I found and collected 4 tiny bed bugs that were crawling along the edge of the mattress. Eventually, I was "awarded" a model-clean room with the smell of brand new mattress. This time there was no bug.From the first day I was bitten till now, five days pass, the bites are still visible and itchy.

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