Rodeway Inn at the Falls
795 Rainbow Blvd
Niagara Falls, NY 14303

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Re: 1 night stay on 6/25/12: Being a thrifty person, I love to shop around for the best deal. While I usually look for the cheapest price with the best rating, my husband booked this horrific place after assuming it was the same Super 8 in Niagara Falls that I had researched. When I asked to see which place he booked, I saw the 2/5 rating and was nervous. Being tight on money and time to fix the mistake, we took the risk. What's 1 night in a not-so-great motel?! We had no problem with the l

ess-than-desirable location, dingy appearance inside and outdated decor in the room. The bathroom looked fairly clean on first inspection (later found a dirty towel hanging on the door hook). I immediately remembered that I should inspect the mattresses and box springs for bed bugs. I wished I had remembered to check prior to booking. How simple! If only. I pulled back the old, worn bedding, only to find that only a thin mattress pad was on the bed- not fitted and barely covering it. It had hair on it (saw that in someone else's photos, too). Immediately I saw what I believed to be bed bug droppings, blood stains, etc. along the seams of both mattresses. All I wanted was to return to my own home or be at a campsite with our own, clean belongings! With our smartphones, we began to search the registry for clean hotels and reservation sites to see what might be available last minute. All while keeping our 3 boys from touching anything- a difficult task. While we wanted to visit the Falls, we had to be concerned with where we would sleep. It was really stressful. Finally, after not having luck with other hotels (bed bugs are practically everywhere, I hate to tell you!), I went to the front desk to complain and ask for help. The young woman didn't looked surprised and the man (manager?) said, "We'll just switch your room!" With my head held a little higher, I returned to my family with the "good" news. The next room seemed cleaner, but we were skeptical. I lifted up the one mattress to find a large blood stain on the box spring. Unreal. We were stuck; do we take the obviously-infested bedbug room or the bloody box spring room? It was almost comical. We left for the Falls and dinner and basically prayed that we'd be able to sleep, the night would go by quickly and we'd survive bug-free. Our 16-year-old chose to sleep on the roll-away bed, which had looked clean, only to awake to 3 itchy red bumps on his shin. While we had promised our two young boys that we'd swim in the indoor pool in the a.m. (lost that chance the previous late afternoon because we were trying to search for a different hotel), my husband bribed them (they couldn't wait to swim!!) so we could leave after having the free breakfast. Not surprisingly, the breakfast had almost no food. Dry cereal with milk that looked like it was intended for coffee. We left and I complained about the blood-stained box spring upon our check-out. Surprisingly, I didn't have the energy to fight for our money back. Our luggage sits in plastic garbage bags in our garage and I wonder when it's safe to bring them in; all laundry was washed immediately upon returning home. No evidence of bed bugs at home, thankfully. I don't think I'll ever enjoy staying at a hotel again! Have photos of bug bites and blood stain but am having difficulty uploading.

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Stayed at the Super 8 795 rainbow blvd in Niagara falls n.y.
room was infested with BED BUGS.

Stayed at the Super 8 at 795 Rainbow Blvd in Niagara falls N.Y on Sat September 13, 2008.
Was in Room 203

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