Red Carpet Inn
6625 Niagara Falls Blvd
Niagara Falls, NY 14304-2251

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We were booked into a double room on Aug 24 this year, 2nd floor on the left. The room was drab and dirty, but it was late so I just fell asleep watching tv. Luckily my boyfriend was using his phone on the other bed and started itching. I was abruptly woken and we inspected the beds and found a whole lot of bed bugs in various stages of growth. It was so disgusting! Some must have been there at least 2 weeks!! We immediately went to reception to get a refund which was given after some arguing. H

owever, after recently getting my credit card statement I realized I didn't get my full money back and am now contacting the hotel to get this sorted.

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The rooms were filthy and the beds were infested. I woke up with a ton of bites in the morning.

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